Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home Gardening, Minus the Dirt

It all started with a thought. The thought that gardening enthusiasts could grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers in their home any time of the year, even during winter. This thought led to the creation of the AeroGarden, a gardening system that makes use of aeroponics technology, which allows plants to grow with no soil and very little water.

Distributed by AeroGrow International, Inc., the AeroGarden is the result of countless prototypes and seed evaluations and four years of hard work by company founder Michael Bissonnette and his colleagues. Sold online and in over 8,000 retail stores, the AeroGarden now has more than half a million customers. The public's response to this indoor garden has been positive, with the product becoming a best seller on HSN and QVC, as well as staying at the top of Amazon's “Most Wished For” list for two years. The AeroGarden has also been featured on The Today Show, The View, The Economist, The New York Times, TIME, and other media outlets.

AeroGrow describes the AeroGarden as foolproof and guarantees the success of every user. Indeed, the unit comes with grow lights to simulate the sun, and even indicates when water and fertilizer should be added. The AeroGrow website shows that growing plants with the AeroGarden can be carried out in three easy steps. First, you place the seed pods into the unit. Next, add water and fertilizer. And finally, simply wait and watch as your plant grows. Most AeroGardens require only a few minutes of care per week, while others need as little as five minutes each month.

AeroGrow offers over 50 non-GMO seed kits, letting users grow anything from salad greens and heirloom tomatoes to lavenders and petunias. Customers can create their own herb and flower seed kits as well. Energy efficient and recyclable, the AeroGarden makes growing one's own food and flowers at home simple, convenient, and dirt-free.

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