Tuesday, December 29, 2015

USAA: Serving the Needs of the Men and Women of the US Military

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) was originally known as the United States Army Automobile Association upon its inception in 1922 by US Army officers who established it as a mutual insurance company. Its current name was adopted in 1924 when the commissioned officers of the other branches of the US military became eligible for membership.

From its 286-acre headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, the USAA has become a group of companies engaged in diversified financial services offering a wide range of banking, insurance, and investments to individuals and their immediate families who are in active service or who have served in the United States military. By the end of 2014, the Fortune 500 company had 10.7 million members and counting.

The USAA is also considered an innovator in the industry. For example, it is a pioneer in the direct marketing model wherein most of its transactions are conducted by employees, not agents, using telephone and Internet technology. It first conducted the bulk of its business via mail in the 1960s, which transitioned into phone-based services in the late 1960s, followed by a toll-free number in 1978, and finally the Internet-based sales and services via its website in 1999.

The organization has several lines of business including:

• Casualty, life, and property insurance including homeowner, renters, and automobile insurance as well as personal property and umbrella insurance, among others. Emphasis must be made that while its life insurance policies are mostly standard in the business, these are different than most because these exclude the war exclusion clause.

• Banking services are provided by financial centers as well as the USAA Federal Savings Bank, which was established in December 1983 and which held more than $43.8 billion in deposits from over 6.3 million accounts (as of June 2011). The USAA Federal Savings Bank is the only facility offering full-service banking services while the financial centers provide related services, such as assistance and advice in obtaining USAA’s services including online opening of accounts.

Other services are investments and financial planning, mail-order catalog service, and real estate services.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Valve Corporation Engages Consumers With Its Videogames

Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, former Microsoft employees, founded Valve LLC in August 1996. In April 2003, the company changed its name from Valve LLC to Valve Corporation as well as moved its headquarters from Kirkland, Washington to Bellevue, Washington where Sierra On-Line, Inc., its original publisher, was also based.

Valve Corporation is among the most well-known videogame developers as well as digital distribution companies in the United States. The company has developed several successful videogames including Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Day of Defeat, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, and Dota 2, among others; all of these videogames have been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

The videogame developer also develops and maintains Source, which supports most of its games, and Steam, a software distribution platform. Steam, in turn, has resulted in the development of Steam Machine, a line of pre-built gaming personal computers with SteamOS at their core.

Valve Corporation also has an office in Luxembourg for its European offices.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

VantagePoint Capital Partners Makes Worthwhile Investments

In 1996, Alan E. Salzman and Jim Marver founded VantagePoint Venture Partners and had led its success since then. The co-founders established the venture capital firm with a mission of identifying, inventing in, and mentoring entrepreneurs and start-ups that want to revolutionize sectors and change the world. The venture capital firm has maintained its focus on investments in the healthcare, clean technology, and information technology industries for this reason.

After making several successful investments in information technology and Internet, VantagePoint Venture Partners realized that its investment focus should also include clean energy technology. Said realization came after observations that the world’s energy practices should be modernized considering its over-reliance on fossil fuels, crumbling infrastructures, and growing inefficiency worsened by a growing world population. The firm decided that these energy issues can be addressed by the careful applications of advanced technology in several areas including solid-state lighting, bio-chemicals, solar power generation, electrification of transportation, resource efficiency, and grid modernization.

While still making investments in information technology, healthcare, digital media, and financial technology, the venture firm shifted its focus on start-ups and companies making notable innovations in energy-related fields. Among its early investments are Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer; BrightSource Energy, a utility scale solar power provider; Bridgelux, an LED lighting pioneer; and Genomatica, an advanced biochemical innovator, among others.

In 2010, the firm changed its name from VantagePoint Venture Partners to VantagePoint Capital Partners. The change was brought about by the firm’s desire to better reflect its change of focus from venture funding to growth equity funding, a move that goes beyond the limits of venture funding. The company also wanted to reflect the increased complexity of its funding structure in terms of its support for the scale-up and build-out of the highly innovative companies it invests in.

Today, the company has $4 billion in managed assets. Vantage Point Capital Partners has also established several strategic partnerships with global corporations including best Buy, Air Products, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, and DuPont, among others.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Venus Swimwear Brings Out The Best in Bodies

In 1984, Daryle Scott formed his company, Venus Body Wear, as a clothing and swimsuit retailer with a wide range of exercise apparel and ladies’ leotards. In 1984, he expanded his product lines to include women’s swimwear, which he called Venus Swimwear.

From its humble beginnings, the Venus brand continued to grow through acquisitions. In 1999, the company purchased WinterSilks, a well-known importer of silk-based ready-to-wear products. In accordance with its expanded product lines, the company changed its name to Venus.

By 2006, Golden Gate Capital acquired 80 percent of Venus, Venus Manufacturing, and WinterSilks; the former used its Catalog Holdings Group for the purchase. The three acquired companies were united under a single company, Venus Holdings LLC.

In 2009, Bon Prix, an Otto subsidiary and a German catalog company, acquired Venus Holdings.

The Venus brand was the official swimsuit sponsor for the Miss America pageant in 2007. It was also the official presenting sponsor for the cheerleaders at the The Jacksonville ROAR 2014/2015.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vertex Pharmaceuticals: The Science of Possibility

Founded by Joshua Boger and Kevin Kinsella in 1989, Vertex was established on the firm conviction that no challenge should be too great especially where improving the quality of life for people with serious diseases is concerned. The biotechnology firm is also among the first in the industry to use rational drug design as a strategy instead of combinatorial chemistry.

Vertex is proud to be a pioneer in the industry with several firsts including:

• 1996 – The company was the first to publish the hepatitis C virus in cell’s protease crystal structure.

• 1999 – Together with GlaxoSmithKline, the company co-discovered and commercialized an HIV protease inhibitor, which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration during this year.

• 2005 – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration grants its approval for a second HIV protease inhibitor, which was also created in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline.

• 2007 – The company conducted its clinical research and development on multiple oral drugs for targeting the underlying causes of cystic fibrosis, not just the symptoms.

• 2010 – The company completes its first-ever New Drug Application, which was followed the following year with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval for its first drug, telaprevir (Incivek). The drug, a protease inhibitor, is an oral treatment for hepatitis C that was developed, commercialized and distributed by Vertex with Johnson & Johnson.

• 2012 – The company receives approval for its first-ever cystic fibrosis medicine in the United States, Canada and Europe. The drug, ivacaftor marketed under the Kalydeco trade name, treats the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis for a specific cohort (i.e., patients 6 years or older who have been identified with the G551D gene mutation.

• 2015 – The company receives the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval for its second cystic fibrosis drug.

In fact, Vertex is the first and only biotech company to have developed multiple medicines that target cystic fibrosis’ underlying cause, an achievement for which it was awarded the first Forbes Breakthrough Drug Award.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Visteon Corporation: Establishing Relationships With Major Players

In 2000, Visteon Corporation became an independent company from Ford Motor Company during its spin-off. Since its independence, the American international supplier of automotive electronics products has become a Fortune 500 company with multiple businesses engaged in the design, engineering, and manufacture of systems and solutions for various clients. Among its equally world-renowned clients are Daimler, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Nissan, and Hyundai, among other major North American, European and Asian automobile manufacturers.

Visteon is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2013, it reported a $7.439 billion sales; $6 billion in total assets; and 24,000 employees in its offices worldwide. By setting a corporate goal of expansion of business with notable companies, Visteon currently enjoys profitable relationships with the abovementioned major companies.

The company maintains three corporate offices, namely, the North American Corporate and Innovation Center in Van Buren Township, Michigan; the Asia Pacific Corporate Office and Innovation Center in Shanghai, China; and the European Corporate Office in Chelmsford, United Kingdom.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

VIZ Media: World’s Leader in Manga and Anime Works

VIZ Media, LLC is among the world’s leaders in the creation of manga, anime and entertainment works, an industry status it has started building since its founding in 1986 as VIZ LLC. The present-day VIZ Media LLC was formed with the merger of VIZ LLC and ShoPro Entertainment, a joint ownership of Shueisha, Shogakukan, and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions. The Japanese-American company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

In accordance with its manga and anime focus, VIZ Media releases its manga ratings for their own content. The ratings include A (All Ages) suitable for all readers; T (Teen) for 13 years and above containing violence, strong language, and crude humor; T+ (Older Teen) for 15 years and above containing intense violence, nudity, and sexual content as well as substance abuse; and M (Mature Readers) for 17 years and above due to extreme violence, graphic depictions, and mature themes. Audiences are advised to follow the manga ratings, which are also used on the licensed anime titles, for full enjoyment of the content.

VIZ Media uses the right-to-left format in many of its publications in accordance with the prevalent Japanese format; these publications include Dragon Ball, as requested by Akira Toriyama, its author; and Vagabond in order to preserve its historical accuracy. Other publications are printed in the Western left-to-right reading format. The company also uses self-censorship practices on some of its titles while also publishing both censored and uncensored formats, such as in the case of Dragon Ball.

For its world-class production quality, VIZ Media has been recognized for its work several times. Its awards include the Diamond Comic Distributors’ 2007 Manga Publisher of the Year Gem Award and the Manga Trade Paperback of the Year for the 14th volume in the Naruto series.

VIZ Media has several ultra-popular series that it has kept on publishing, such as One Piece, Detective Conan, InuYasha, Bleach, and Naruto.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Wakefern Food Corporation: Cooperative Model Taken to the Next Level

Founded in 1946 with its headquarters in Keasbey, New Jersey, the Wakefern Corporation is considered as a pioneer in taking the cooperative business model to the next level. The corporation, after all, is the biggest retailers’ cooperative group of hypermarkets and supermarkets in the United States as well as the State of New Jersey’s largest employer with over 36,000 workers.

Wakefern’s business model is one of the most successful as evidenced by its success, such as owning one of the largest trucking fleets and being the fourth-largest cooperative in the United States; it has over 3000 stores. In 2015, its overall revenue was $15.7 billion, an impressive feat considering the decreasing revenues of many of its competitors.

Wakefern has also been the recipient of many awards for its business model. These include the Retailer Excellence Award by Supermarket News in 2011; the Retailer of the Year by The Griffin Report and Progressive Grocer in 2011; and one of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey by NJBIZ Magazine in 2012.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wahl Clipper: Grooming Is Its Game

The Wahl Clipper Corporation has been at the forefront of personal and professional grooming products for both people and animals since 1919 when the first practical hair clipper was invented. The company currently has more than 3,300 employees worldwide spread across its Sterling, Illinois headquarters, six manufacturing facilities worldwide and eleven sales officers. With a comprehensive range of world-class grooming products characterized by their efficiency, value and integrity, it’s no wonder that Wahl Clipper’s products are distributed and sold in over 160 countries – and counting.

The seeds for the Wahl Clipper Corporation were planted in 1911 when Leo J. Wahl, then a high school junior, conducted experiments on a vibrating electromagnetic motor and then with a vibrating medical massager while an engineering student. He took over his uncle’s business, Wahl Manufacturing Company, and began manufacturing his electromagnetic hair clipper in 1919.

By 1921, Leo purchased his uncle’s business and incorporated it to become the Wahl Clipper Corporation and, thus, started the years of innovation that continue to drive the corporation forward. Leo himself applied for more than 100 patents for his various inventions, a tradition that the current management continues to this day.

Among its innovations are the professional shear sharpeners, hair dryers, and curling brushes as well as attachments for hair clippers in the 1940s; the flexible-blade electric razor, the Vac Clipper (i.e., a clipper with a built-in vacuum hair pick-up), and the permanent magnet type rotary motor clipper incorporated into a new animal clipper in the 1960s; and the first cordless/rechargeable battery-operated hair clipper/trimmer in 1967.

Other innovations include foot and back massagers with features for controlling heat and vibration (1975); battery-operated brow and nose trimmer (1977); Groomsman, a battery-operated facial hair trimmer (1984); and ZeeCurl and FrenZee, a flat-barrel curling iron (1987).

Today, the corporation is among the international industry leaders in the manufacture of professional and personal beauty and barber salon products as well as animal grooming products.

Friday, November 27, 2015

United Online, Inc.: Provider of Consumer Services and Products Over the Internet

The internet remains to be the expertise of United Online, Inc. The company continues to offer a wide range of products and services that allow its customers to gain access online and at the same time promote loyalty marketing.  It is in Woodland Hills, California that the business holds its corporate office.

United Online, Inc. is a publicly traded company that operates in two reporting segments: Communications and Content & Media. The common shares of the business are marketed on the NASDAQ, using the ticker symbol UNTD. The Communications segment offers internet access and various devices. Their portfolio includes mobile broadband, dial-up, digital subscriber line (DSL), voice services, web hosting and email, among others. The Content & Media division offers various products and services for social networking and loyalty marketing services.

The products of the business are marketed under the brand names Juno, Classmates, NetZero, MyPOints and Trombi. It competes against giant companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and several other communications companies.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.: Advancing the Development of Novelty Therapeutics

There remains to be a huge area of unmet needs in the arena of medicine. This is especially true when it comes to rare diseases and ultra-rare illnesses. Because there are not that many patients who are suffering from these diseases, not that many pharmaceutical companies invest in the development of novelty therapeutics.

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc. is one of the few companies in the United States that have taken on the challenge of pushing boundaries and providing hope to patients with orphan diseases. The company is registered as a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical venture that is headquartered in Novato, California. Incorporated in June 2011, the business engages in the identification, acquisition, development and commercialization of novelty therapeutics intended for rare and ultra-rare diseases. It has put emphasis on debilitating genetic diseases. The pipeline products of the company are categorized under two treatments: biologics and small molecule.

Their product portfolio includes KRN23 (UX023), rhGUS (UX003), rhPPCA (UX004), Triheptanoin (UX007) and SA-ER (UX001). KRN23 is a fully human monoclonal antibody that is intended as treatment or patients with X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH). This therapeutic is administrated via subcutaneous injection. rhGUS is an intravenous medication that is intended as a treatment for mucopolysaccharidosis 7 (MPS 7). rhPPCA is a therapeutic that is being developed for galactosialidosis. Trihepatnoin is a replacement therapy for patients who are suffering from long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders (LC-FAOD). SA-ER is an orally administered medication for hereditary inclusion body myopathy (HIBM). The majority of these novelty therapeutics is intended to address the needs of patients, who are left with no therapeutic options.

With the advancement of the medications being developed by Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, patients with debilitating rare diseases are given hope of a better tomorrow. The business is traded publicly on the NASDAQ using the ticker symbol RARE. It is listed as one of the components of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company: A Brand for the Working Man

The Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company has its roots in the U.S. Overall Company, which was founded by C.N. Williamson and E.E. Dickie in 1918; the duo had previous business experience in the vehicle and harness business in Texas. In 1922, the company became the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company when C. Don Williamson as well as his cousin and father bought its 100% stake.

Today, the company is more well-known as the Dickies brand that makes and sells work-related clothes, shoes and personal accessories including belts and backpacks. While its major competitors, such as Carhartt and Ben Davis, are giving the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company stiff competition, it has been holding well on its own especially in overseas markets.

From its early years, Dickies has enjoyed consistent growth except for a few episodes including the Great Depression. Today, the brand is marketed and sold in all 50 states in the United States as well as in countries including South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Chile, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Croatia, Poland, and the Philippines.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Whole Foods Market Sells Only the Best in Natural and Organic Products

Say “Whole Foods” among American consumers and the first images that come to mind are natural, organic and healthy food products that have been carefully chosen for their positive impact on both the producers and the consumers. The Austin, Texas-based American supermarket chain, after all, specializes in organic food that health-conscious consumers want in their pantries, refrigerators and tables.

As of September 2015, Whole Foods employs over 91,000 people in its 431 supermarkets across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. While its headquarters are in Austin, Texas, its main produce procurement and purchasing facilities are in Watsonville, California.

Whole Foods has also built up a reputation as one of the best companies to work for. Under the leadership of its various CEOs and Chairmen of the Board, it is also one of the largest publicly-traded companies and the largest retailers (30th in 2014 based on revenues) in the United States as well as being a Fortune 500 company. As of 2015, its current crop of leaders includes co-CEOs John Mackey (founder) and Water Robb as well as John Elstrott as chairman.

Like all start-ups during its early years, founders John Mackey and Renee Lawson had their fair shares of troubles since they first founded SaferWay, the precursor to While Foods, in 1978. In 1980, Whole Foods was created with the merging of SaferWay with Clarksville Natural Grocery; the first store with a total area of 12,500 square feet and a staff of 19 employees was considered quite large in the health food store industry then.

While its inventory and equipment were destroyed in 1981 due to widespread flooding, Whole Foods recovered and expanded its operations outside of Austin by 1984; the expansions were made by opening new stores and acquiring existing health food stores. The success of its operations lies partly in its strict adherence to only selling products that meet its self-created, self-imposed quality standards for natural and organic products.

Friday, November 13, 2015

World Airways: What Could Have Been

Many airlines had the potential to go global but were unable to take off to such great heights of success. One such airline is World Airways, Inc., an American airline formerly headquartered in Peachtree City in the Greater Atlanta area of the State of Georgia. During its operations, it mostly focused on non-scheduled services.

Founded in 1948 by Benjamin Pepper, the company was first based on the ex-Pan American World Airways Boeing 314 flying boats. In 1950, Edward Daly bought the airline for $50,000 and then purchased DC-4s that were used upon the company’s 1951 acquisition of its first government contract. Most of its businesses were with the military including being one of the US military’s key contractors during the Vietnam War as well as during the Persian Gulf War and the military passenger trunk route between military bases in Asia and Los Angeles, California.

Corporate troubles including financial management led to its immediate cessation of all operations on 27 March 2014.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

XIM, Inc.: Integration Is the Key To Its Success

Founded in 1994, Xtra Information Management Incorporated (XIM, Inc.) has established a reputation for being a leading provider of information technology consultation as well as application development, software and system integration, and testing services. As a medium-sized Silicon Valley-based company, its main focus is on mobile and wireless development, smart home automation and quality assurance services.

While its headquarters are in San Francisco, California, it also maintains 7 offshore development centers in Moscow, Kaluga, Minsk, Obninsk, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, and Gomel, all in Eastern Europe. The XIM Offshore Software Development and Testing Services is the company’s overseas extension of its longstanding services rendered in the United States.

Since its founding, XIM has changed in terms of its organizational structure and services menu. During its first 10 years, XIM was involved in projects involving end users in verticals, such as wireless and mobile field, and in the support if OEMs and ISVs. By the 2000s, XIM has created its offshore centers with the first one being in Moscow (2003) followed by the Obninsk-based Research and Development Center.

Moscow, the most prominent of its offshore development centers, has two departments, namely, Software Development and Quality Assurance. These included several sections involved in various project subjects including Java Technology Section for implementation of J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, and XSLT projects; Mobile Phone Technology Section for C/C++ applications in smartphones and pocket computers with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile; and Mobile Communication Technology Section for the manufacture of the Openwave product.

In February 2004, XIM opened its Moscow-based American Software Quality Assurance School. In 2005, the company launched its bundled service, the Remote Testing Lab, which was focused on mobile/wireless and EAI solutions. Other expansions include its own product development for mobile platforms (e.g., XiMAD for entertainment and mobile games development), which has resulted in the popular Pandas vs. Ninjas, Bubble Birds, and Brain Cubes.

XIM Inc. is also active in charity causes particularly with the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cellectis: Fighting Cancer With Engineered T Cells

Cancer affects millions of people worldwide but with the pioneering work of the likes of Cellectis, hope for effective anti-cancer therapies is on the horizon. Cellectis, founded in 1999, is at the forefront of gene-editing as used in the development of a new generation of anti-cancer treatments. Basically, the immunotherapies are based on gene edited engineered CAR-T cells, or UCART, which Cellectis has developed in the past 15 years as part of its genome engineering expertise.

Cellectis takes pride in its range of TALEN products and meganucleases, its flagship technology, as well as its electroporation PulseAgile technology, both of which are used in the creation of its pioneering immunotherapies. With its CAR technologies, the NYSE-listed (ALCLS) and Nasdaq Global Market-listed (CCLS) company works toward creating innovative products in multiple fields and target markets.

Calyxt, Inc. is one of the subsidiaries of Cellectis. Founded in 2010, Calyxt, Inc. has created a platform designed for the food and agriculture industries; the platform improves the quality and quantity of crops.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ThyssenKrupp: Supplying the World With Steel

In 1999, Thyssen AG and Krupp merged into ThyssenKrupp AG with the largest shareholder being Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, a German philanthropic organization founded by Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach. ThyssenKrupp AG is now considered one of the largest German multinational conglomerate corporations with 670 companies around the world.

Such is its wide sphere of influence that aside from being among the world’s largest producers of steel, it is also a major manufacturer of systems, solutions and components for several industries including automotive, elevators and escalators, industrial services, and material trading, among others.

Due to the 2009 reorganization, ThyssenKrupp AG has eight business areas within two major divisions. First, the Materials division focuses on the manufacture of carbon steel, stainless steel, and materials services. Second, the Technology division focuses on plants and components technology, elevators and escalators, and marine systems.

The business areas include components technology (i.e., components for the construction, automotive and engineering sectors); elevator technology (i.e., construction, modernization, and maintenance of escalators, elevators, and passenger boarding bridges); materials services (i.e., global distribution of materials and technical services for manufacturing sectors); industrial solutions (i.e., supplies plant construction and naval shipbuilding sectors); steel Europe; and steel Americas.

With over 5,500 employees, ThyssenKrupp AG is one of Europe’s largest employers. It has consistently been voted as one of Germany’s best places to work in. The conglomerate also honors notable achievements in technology via its annual Innovation Prize.

Among its subsidiaries are Acciai Speciali Terni SpA, Outokumpu VDM GmbH, and ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG. Its main factories for elevators are in Spain while its stainless steel manufacturing facilities are in Italy; sales generated in both countries account for 9% of total sales for the conglomerate. In Germany, sales amount to 33% of consolidated sales worldwide with the European Union sales accounting for 28% and NAFTA sales for 21%.

Friday, October 30, 2015

SunLink Health Systems, Inc.: A National Provider of Healthcare Services

The operations of SunLink Health Systems, Inc. is comprised of two segments: Healthcare Facilities and Specialty Pharmacy. The company is registered as a provider of healthcare services in the United States and was incorporated in June 1959.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the business operates hospitals in communities where they are only the hospital facility to bridge the needs of their customers with their network of healthcare providers. In total, their acute care hospitals have a total of 232 licensed beds and operates 4 community hospitals in 3 states. In addition to the acute hospitals they operate, they also have two nursing homes in 2 states that have a total of 166 licensed beds. It is in Louisiana that the company operates their Specialty Pharmacy.

SunLink Health Systems, Inc. is a publicly traded company and markets its common shares on the American Stock Exchange, using the ticker symbol SSY.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sun Bancorp: A Community Bank Holding Company

Sun Bancorp is registered as a bank holding company. The business is headquartered in Vineland, New Jersey. The company offers a wide range of financial services through its operating subsidiary, the Sun National Bank. The bank is listed as a community financial institution that offers a wide array of financial services that are geared towards helping their customers become financially independent.

The bank offers its products and services to consumers, businesses and financial institutions. It strongly underscored the services they offer to small and mid-sized businesses that serve as the backbone of the economy of the communities they serve in. From the single bank office in New Jersey, the company has found growth through organic means and at the same time through a series of acquisitions. By leveraging on the expertise of its management team, the company has grown into a venture with more than 40 locations in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and in New York.

Part of the customary banking products and services offered by Sun National Bank is their checking and money market accounts, deposit services, cash management solutions, lockbox services, electronic bill payment, online banking, remote deposit, wire transfer services and controlled disbursement services. From the pooled funds they collected from the depository accounts, the business offers a variety of lending activities. Their lending services are primarily focused on the credit of overdraft sweeps. Additionally, the company also offers wealth management services through its subsidiary, Sun Financial Services, LLC.

The company has a huge pool of deposits amounting to more than $1.3 billion. These funds are secured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The business is listed as a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index and continues to publicly trade its common shares using the ticker symbol SNBC.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Snyder’s-Lance: Second Largest Producer of Salty Snack Food in US

While sweet snacks remained to be one of the preferred snacks in the United States, salty snacks also hold a substantial share in the market. In the country, Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. is one of the leading salty snack makers.

The business is registered as the second largest salty snack maker in the country. It is home to some of the famous snack brand names in the US and continues to innovate its offerings to maintain its market lead. Some of the products owned and manufactured by the company Lance, Pretzel Crisps, Tom’s, Jays, Cape Cod, Snyder’s of Hanover, Archway and Krunchers!, among others. It was in 2010 that the new business was created after the Snyder’s of Hanover merged with Lance.

The history of the company goes back to 1909 with the formation of Snyder’s of Hanover. Snyder’s-Lance operates under the logo “Snacking is our passion.” The company holds its corporate office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Socket Mobile, Inc.: The Global Manufacturer of Mobile Barcode Scanners

As virtually everything becomes mobile, technology strongly leverages on the power of mobile phones and gadgets to carry out operations that used to require large equipment. In the arena of mobile devices and productivity tools, Socket Mobile, Inc. produces some of the world’s most innovative products that are used in the healthcare, field service, retail POS and in several other mobile markets.

The company is registered as a producer of mobile, cordless barcode scanners and remain to be the preferred partner of businesses around the world. Headquartered in Newark, California, the business is one of the leading producers of mobile handheld computer products and barcode scanning items. The offerings of the business are mostly used by workers who remain mobile but continue to report their transactions on a timely basis to their central hub. With the products and solutions carried by the company, they are able to provide these workers with the business mobility they need and the accuracy and productivity tools to make their jobs easier.

As of, Socket Mobile, Inc. offers their products under 4 categories: Series 7, Series 8, Series 9 and SoMo. Their portfolio includes wireless handheld and hands-free barcode scanners that are capable of connecting to smartphones, tablets and other handheld computers through Bluetooth and WiFi. They offer general purpose handheld computer products that utilizes the Windows Embedded Handheld System 6.5 operating system and wearable cordless ring scanners. These products are also customizable to meet the requirements of their customers. They have more than 30 technology patents and the number continues to grow as the company ceaselessly invest on their research and development division.

To further advance their offerings, Socket Mobile, Inc. works with over 1,400 registered developers. The company works with some of the biggest retailers in the world, including Frito Lay, GE Healthcare, NCR, John Deere, Google, Apple, IBM, Pepsi, dunhill, Cartier, Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific, among others.

Friday, October 16, 2015

RPC, Inc.: An Oilfield Services Company

RPC, Inc. is registered as an oilfield services holding company. The business was incorporated in January 1984 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It works with oil and gas companies across the United States.

As an oilfield services company, RPC offers a wide range of services through its two reporting segments: Technical Services and Support Services. It provides its services through its subsidiaries, including Bronco Oilfield Services, Patterson Rental and Fishing Tools, Cudd Energy Services, Thru Tubing Solutions and Well Control School, among others. The primary offerings of the company include snubbing services, nitrogen services, pressure pumping, coiled tubing, downhole tool services, well control and the rental of specialized oilfield equipment and drill pipes.

RPC, Inc. it’s a publicly traded company with common stocks marketed on the New York Stock Exchange, using the ticker symbol RES. The business is listed as a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Retail Properties of America, Inc.: One of America’s Largest Retail Property Owners

When it comes to shopping centers, one of the names that shine brightest in the industry is Retail Properties of America, Inc. The company is known as one of the largest owners and operators of retail centers across the country. It is in Oak Brook, Illinois that the business holds its corporate office.

For federal tax purposes, the company is registered as a real estate investment trust (REIT) firm. This means that in order for the company to remain free from any federal tax obligation, it has to distribute at least 90% of its earnings back to its shareholders. The business publicly trades its common shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Its stocks are marketed using the ticker symbol RPAI.

The portfolio of the company is comprised of neighborhood and community centers, power centers, lifestyle centers and several multi-tenant retail mixed-used properties. Additionally, the business also maintains several single-user retail properties. In total, the company’s portfolio is comprised of 208 retail operating properties that have a total gross leasable area (GLA) of 30.52 million square feet. Other than the company’s operating portfolio, they also have interests in three other retail properties that are still in the process of development. Retail Properties of America is the owner of some of the iconic properties across the country. They own the Port Arthur, 23rd Street Plaza, Houma, Academy Sports, Arada, Azalea Square I, Broadway Shopping Center, Woodridge, Cinemark Seven Bridges, and several other retail strips in the country.

Retail Properties of America, Inc. has operations and properties in several states across the country. The business employs the expertise of their team of seasoned property managers who continue on innovating attractive marketing strategies to entice tenants and consumers. The company is one of the components of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Resonant, Inc.: Innovating the Future of RF Filters

Registered as a late-stage development company, Resonant, Inc. comes up with innovative designs that are targeted towards the advancement of the mobile device industry. The business is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.

The company has their proprietary technology called the Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN). This technology allows the company to create acoustic resonators which are considered as the building blocks of RF filters. Through these highly advanced RF filters, they are able to program their products to select desired radio frequency signals and reject those unwanted signals. The technology offered by the company advances the future of RF filters and would impact the totality of the market through improved performance, fewer components, smaller sized products and cost reduction in the manufacturing.

Resonant, Inc. is listed as a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. It continues to publicly trade its common shares using the ticker symbol RESN. The company is one of the components  of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Relypsa, Inc.: Creating Medications for Renal, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

While nanomedicine or small molecular drugs are the kind of medications that major biopharmaceutical companies are developing, there are still a handful others who harness the benefits of high molecular weight and non-absorbed polymeric drugs. These types of medications are highly advantageous as these exude long-term safety profiles. Compared to small molecular medications, these drugs can easily be flushed out of the body and thus are less toxic.

Relypsa, Inc. is one of the biopharmaceutical companies that leverage the development of their products on these non-absorbed, high molecular weight polymeric drugs. The company focuses in the designing and the advancement of their drug products that are intended as treatment for cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases. The company has just filed for a new drug application to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States  for the their lead product, the Patiromer for Oral Suspension.

Patiromer for Oral Suspension is another version of the company’s Patiromer FOS that is already being commercialized globally. This product is intended for the treatment of hyperkalemia, a serious condition wherein patients would experience elevated levels of potassium in their blood. The new version of the Patiromer is set to be developed by the company under eight clinical trials.  The business has intellectual property over the drug that is set to expire sometime in 2030. There are not that many medications available for hyperkalemia, and Relypsa has once again taken on the challenge of providing patients with alternative options on how to treat their disease.

The business advances the development of this product through their proprietary polymer drug discovery technology platform. It is in Redwood City, California that the business holds its corporate office. Relypsa remains publicly traded on the NASDAQ where it markets its common shares using the ticker symbol RLYP.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Plumas Bancorp: Servicing the Northeastern California Counties

Plumas Bancorp is the holding company of the Plumas Bank, a community bank that was created in December 1980 by a group of small business owners. The company was created to address the needs of the communities they thrive in and to help business owners and customers realize their dreams.

The operations of Plumas Bank include the 11 branch offices that are located in the counties of Northeastern California. The bank has branches in the counties of Sierra, Placer, Nevada, Portola, Quincy, Shasta and Modoc. It offers a wide range of financial services that are uniquely tailored to every customer they support. The deposits of the company are ensured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

It is in Quincy, California that the company holds its corporate office. It remains publicly traded on the NASDAQ Capital Markets and uses the symbol PLBC to trade its common shares. The company is listed as one of the components of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pier 1 Imports: The One Stop Shop for Furnishings and Decorative Products

When it comes to furnishings and décor, Pier 1 Imports is one of the leading names in the United States. The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas and imports products from different foreign designers. The business also has their Trend and Product Development team, who creates their designs or collaborates with these foreign artists.

Pier 1 Imports provides America with the highest quality of furniture, decorative accessories, seasonal décor, table-top items and other furnishings and décor. The company operates several stores across the country that feature some of the most unique pieces that would surely find a place in your homes. The business searches the world for the most gifted artisans that would help them create some of the most trendy and fashion-forward pieces.

The operations of the company generate more than $1.86 billion in annual revenue. More than 17,000 associates help the company sell their products from their stores and on their eCommerce website. The company operates across the United States, Canada and in Mexico. It also used to maintain an operation in the United Kingdom, but was sold in 2006 to an Iceland-based company. In addition to the furniture and decorative pieces that are marketed by the company, Pier 1 Imports also partners with the US Fund for UNICEF to market their greeting cards and other cause marketing products. The company is one of the longest-running partners of the organization.

It is in San Mateo, California that the business holds its corporate office. Created in 1962, Pier 1 Imports operates under its slogan “Find What Speaks to You.” The business remains traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Common shares of the company are marketed using the ticker symbol PIR.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Patriot National, Inc.: A Comprehensive Technology and Outsourcing Solutions Provider

The products and services offered by Patriot National, Inc. help insurance companies and employers. For years, the company has been helping these two parties mitigate risk, save time and money, and comply in several complex regulations.

Patriot National, Inc. is registered as a leading provider of comprehensive technology and outsourcing solutions. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company provides specialty underwriting and policyholder services, software solutions, claims administration services, employment pre-screening services, self-funded health plans and general agency services. The business offers services in every facet of the insurance industry and aids in increasing the productivity of businesses, reduce employment risk and mitigate claims experience. It works with insurance carriers to design workers’ compensation and other multi-line programs.

The company continues to rake in citations and awards for its expertise in the insurance industry. In 2015 alone, it has already received various accolades, including the 2015 Hot List of Leading Background Screening Providers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Park National Corporation: The Parent Business of the Park National Bank

Despite the changing landscapes of the financial markets, Park National Corporation continues to deliver exceptional service to their clients and business partners. The company is a holding venture of the Park National Bank, a community bank that offers a wide range of financial products and services for more than a century now.

It was in March 1992 that Park National Corporation was incorporated. Through its operating subsidiary, the company engages in community banking and provides solid financial solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the state of Ohio. For years, the bank has been a trusted partner to customers, businesses and institutions in the area it serves. It offers savings and depository products and services and as well as a range of lending activities.

There are currently 116 banking offices that the business owns and operates. These facilities are located in 28 counties in the state and as well as one located in Kentucky. In addition to its lending, depository and savings products, the company is also engaged in investments. They have securities that are categorized as available-for-sale. The pooled deposits and savings of the company continue to fuel its lending activities. As of December 2014, the largest portion of its lending activities is their commercial loans which sum up to more than $1.9 billion. As a trusted financial partner, the company also offers its strong knowledge in managing finances to better help their clients reach their financial goals.

As of December 2014, the company has total deposits amounting to more than $5.08 billion. In addition to this amount, the company has access to the Federal Home Loan Bank to finance its quick release of loans and other financial activities. It is in Newark, Ohio that the company holds  its corporate office. The business remains publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange, using the symbol PRK.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ophthotech Corp: Creating Treatment for Back of the Eye Diseases

The eye might be a small organ, but it plays a vital role in the way we lead our lives. This organ is also susceptible to various diseases, other than the common glaucoma and cataract we know. There are diseases related to the eye that are brought about by age.

Ophthotech Corporation is one of the companies that focus its resources in the development of therapeutics that are geared towards addressing diseases related to the eye, particularly those that occur at the back of the organ. It was in January 2007 that the company was incorporated. Today, it has its advanced product candidate, the Fovista, which is used in combination with anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) drugs. It also has another product under development, the Zimura, which is a treatment for geographic atrophy.

It is in New York City that the business holds its corporate office. The business remains publicly traded on the NASDAQ and markets its common shares using the ticker symbol OPHT. It is listed as a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Onstream Media Corp: Provider of Web Conferencing and Other Related Services

Companies listed on the Fortune 100 continue to make use of the digital-media services offered by Onstream Media Corporation. The company is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida and continues to market its offerings globally. The business is listed as an online provider of webcasting products and related services that allow companies to gain access to relevant web content and web communications services.

The offerings of the company are divided into two segments: Digital Media Services Group and Audio and Web Conferencing Services Group. The Digital Media Services Group of the company is comprised of two sub-divisions, namely Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP) and Webcasting. This is the small business arm between the two major divisions, which generates at least 32% of the annual revenue of the company. It provides live streaming and publishing platform for several users. The Audio and Web Conferencing Services Group offers web conferencing that is reservationless. Through its managed networks, the company is able to offer its products and services to a wide array of industries.

Numerous companies around the world make use of the products offered by the company to continue on bridging the divide brought about by geographical locations. Its pioneering, digital-asset-management active server pages (ASP) technologies continue to offer the right tools that would improve productivity and bolster revenue. These technology platforms provide web conferencing tools, webcasting and content-publishing services. Through the conferencing services offered by  Onstream Media, businesses are able to brainstorm in one venue regardless of physical location.

It was in May 1993 that the business was incorporated. Today, it continues to trade its common shares publicly. It is listed on the Over-the-Counter Markets Group and uses the ticker symbol ONSM. It maintains three other offices located in New York, California and in New Jersey. Additionally, it also maintains an office in London for its international operations.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Niska Gas Storage: North America’s Largest Natural Gas Facility Owner and Operator

As an energy company, Niska Gas Storage plays a pivotal role in the industry. The company owns and operates storage systems that are capable of holding billions of tons of natural gas. It is in Wayne, Pennsylvania that the business holds its corporate office.

Incorporated in January 2010, the business has several facilities across North America, that helped bolster the company’s position in the market as the largest owner and operator of natural gas storage assets in the region. Its properties are capable of holding about 250.5 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of working gas. These assets are also leased to various companies, who are in need of these facilities.

Part of the assets of Niska Gas Storage is the AECO Hub in Alberta, Canada, Wild Goose storage facility in Northern California and the Salt Plains storage facility in Oklahoma. The company is listed as a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index and is traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NKA).

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Home Company, Inc.: Creating Homes with a Heart

There are a handful of home building companies in the United States and New Home Company, Inc. sets itself apart from the herd by creating houses that are not only built with the finest materials but also crafted from the heart. The business is known for the passion and commitment they put into every project they take.

It was in June 2009 that the business was incorporated. As a real estate developer, New Home Company engages in all phases of the business, including the acquisition of land, the designing of the home, the construction of the establishment and up to the marketing of these properties. The focus market of the company is the state of California and has a very strong focus in the markets of San Francisco and Sacramento, two cities with rapidly growing market for homebuilding.

The operations of New Home Company are segmented into two divisions: fee building and homebuilding. The fee building segment of the business is rolled out to independent third-party property owners. The services offered by this segment include the designing, construction and selling of properties. They also have unconsolidated joint ventures that have created 54 communities with more than 3,890 lots. As of December 2014, the company by itself, has a total of 32 communities created with more than 2,000 lots. They also have several acreage that are continuously being developed into promising communities that are conducive for starting a family.

Committed to creating high quality houses, the business continues to build homes with warranty to ensure the highest level of service and products. For years, New Home Company has created homes in affluent areas. The company remains publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and markets its common shares using the ticker symbol NWHM. The company’s corporate office is located in Aliso Viejo, California.

Friday, September 4, 2015

NASDAQ Stock Market: The 2nd Largest Exchange in the World

Based on market capitalization, the NASDAQ Stock Market is considered to be the second largest exchange in the world. The venture is often referred to as just NASDAQ and is even stylized as Nasdaq. It is an American/Canadian stock exchange.

The company is headquartered in New York City, New York. It is best known for providing the infrastructure, tools and strategic insights for capital-market opportunities. It operates under three market tiers, namely the NASDAQ Capital Market, the NASDAQ Global Market and the NASDAQ Global Select Market. These three tiers represent various companies with highly diverse market capitalization-weighted index. It was the first electronic stock market and opened its trading in February 1971.

The name NASDAQ is an acronym, which stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. The NASDAQ has a market capitalization of more than $8.5 trillion. It is listed as one of the components of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NanoString Technologies: A Trusted Ally in Molecular Diagnostics

It is in the biotechnology industry that NanoString Technologies, Inc. thrives. The business is one of the leading providers of systems and scientific tools that are used in molecular diagnostics and in translational research. The offerings of the business have helped shape the future of medicine and aid in the creation of novelty therapeutics for a wide range of unmet areas in medicine.

It was in 2003 that Krassen Dimitrov, Dwayne Dunaway and Amber Racliffe created the company. Under the leadership of these three experts, the business went public and is now traded on the NASDAQ. Common shares of the company are marketed using the ticker symbol NSTG. Currently, the business oversees its operations from its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It was in 2008 that their flagship product, the nCounter Analysis System was made commercially available.

Several companies and research institutes make use of the nCounter Analysis System. This technology was created in the lab of Leroy Hood at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB). The platform provides a simple, multiplexed digital profiling of single molecules. It is the highly preferred platform for organizations which are engaged in cancer research, next-generation sequencing validation and in biomarker validation and screening. Through this advancement, scientists and researchers are now able to embark on research undertakings that were once deemed as impossible. It has shed light on some of the most complex areas in microbiology that would soon lead to the creation of novelty therapeutics.

Currently, the company’s encounter Analysis System strongly focuses on the testing segment of the genomics research market. By continuously advancing and modifying this platform, NanoString Technologies sees a strong contender for diagnostic testing that can be deployed in hospitals and in laboratories. The company continues to be a strong ally in medicine that pushes boundaries and help save lives.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mid-America Apartment Communities: Owner and Operator of High-end Apartments

The Southeast and Southwest regions of the United States are the focus markets of Mid-America Apartment Communities. The company is registered as a real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses on multi-family homes.

The business is engaged in the acquisition, development, redevelopment and management of these properties. The portfolio of the company is categorized as high-end with extensive amenities and cutting edge technologies deployed.  They provide the highest quality of units that uphold the convenience, appeal and hassle-free living concept of apartments. As of March 2015, their portfolio includes 81,976 apartment homes. These properties thrive in 14 states in 265 communities with a strong presence in the state of Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Texas and in South Carolina.

The company is listed as a component of the Wilshire 5000 and the S&P Midcap 400 Indices. It continues to trade publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Common shares of the business are marketed using the ticker symbol MAA.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meta Financial Group, Inc.: Offering an Array of Financial Services

Registered as a financial holding company, Meta Financial Group, Inc. operates through its banking subsidiary, MetaBank. The company offers a wide range of financial services that are not only to address the depository and lending activities of the community it thrives in, but also to provide financial solutions on a national scale.

MetaBank continues to operate through its three business units: MetaBank, Meta Payment Systems and AFS/IBEX. The business is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The majority of its banking segment focuses on the communities within the state and in Iowa. It remains publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Market with common stocks being marketed using the ticker symbol CASH. Reportedly, the company’s deposit portfolio is estimated to be around $1.1 billion.

MetaBank is the banking subsidiary of the company. It continues to operate 10 retail branches across the state and offers customary depository and lending products. The business puts a strong focus on helping out small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides tailored financial services to these start-up ventures and to individual depositors across the state. It has four market focus: Sioux Falls and Brookings, South Dakota and in Central and Storm Lake, Iowa. Meta Payment Systems (MPS) offers the nation with its payment solutions. It is one of the trusted names in the prepaid car industry and continues to collaborate with some of the leading names in the industry. Its solutions are focused on the arena of ATM sponsorship, credit products, prepaid cards and electronic funds transfer. Through AFS/IBEX, business partners are able to receive financing services so they purchase insurance for liability, casualty and property risks. It originates loans through their strong network of insurance agencies.

For years, the company has been recognized as one of the leaders in the industries it serves. It has received several accolades, the most recent being “one of the top 100 performing banks in the United States”.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Lucas Energy, Inc.: An Independent Oil and Natural Gas Company

The Eagle Ford shale is considered as one of the most active plays in the United States. It is in this region that Lucas Energy, Inc. operates majority of its exploration and production. The company is registered as an oil and gas company that is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

As an energy company, the business engages in the acquisition and development of promising properties in the Eagle Ford shale. They also have operations in the Austin Chalk and in several properties south and north Texas. As of March 2015, the company has reported its proven reserves to be around 4.6 million barrels of crude oil reserves and an additional 3.0 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

Lucas Energy is one of the medium-sized players in the oil and natural gas industry in the country. It continues to publicly trade on the New York Stock Exchange, using the symbol LEI.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Liquid Holdings Group, Inc.: A Software Technology Company

Registered as a software company, Liquid Holding Group, Inc. continues to support the financial services community. The company provides the technology that is needed to seamlessly complete transactions in relation to trading. The business is listed as a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Capital Market with its common shares marketed using the ticker symbol LIQD.

It is in Hoboken, New Jersey that the business holds its corporate office. In January 2012 the company got incorporated and was inducted as a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index. For years, the business has revolutionized the trading industry through its innovative software technology. The single platform that was designed, created and marketed by the business allows users to seamlessly  integrate their reporting,  real-time risk  management,  accounting,  trading  and administrative tools  in  one software technology. This offering continues to support the operations of small to medium wealth management offices, financial institutions, hedge fund managers, family offices and asset managers.

The platform offered  by  Liquid  Holdings  Group,  LLC provides a  single  trade,  order  and position  management  solution  that  is  capable  of  supporting  several  asset  classes  such  as  foreign exchange markets (FX), futures, options, equities and fixed income securities. Through the offerings of the business, companies no longer need several other programs to execute some of its critical processes. In  just  one  platform,  they  can integrate several  programs  that  are  intended  to  provide  reporting functions, accounting, and consolidate risk management. Their solutions also allow their users to connect with prime brokers and more than 100 liquidity destinations.

There  are  several  companies  that compete  in  the  industry  of  software  technology  for financial services. Despite the stiff competition in the industry, Liquid Holdings remains on top of the competition. In addition to their  state of  the art  technology,  the business  is  known for  their excellence in customer service and the support they provide to their users.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lakeland Industries, Inc.: Makers of Industrial Protective Clothing

Clothes are not only created to make us feel good and look good. Sometimes this basic need is intended to protect the lives and ensure safety. These types of clothings are the products of Lakeland Industries, Inc. For years, the business has been investing in their research and development to come up with technologically advanced protection.

Lakeland Industries, Inc. uses the latest technology in their offerings to ensure that workers from both the private and public sectors are protected from diseases, hazardous chemicals and fire. The company manufactures their products on a global scale. Institutions and organizations from all over the world trust the expertise of the company in creating the best clothing to protect the welfare of workers.

The company offers a wide array of industrial protective clothing that includes both disposable and those that are for limited use. It is in Ronkonkoma, New York that the business currently holds its corporate office.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

L-3 Communications: A Global Top Defense Contractor

Created in 1997, L-3 Communications is one of the leading names in the industry of aerospace and defense. The company is currently headquartered in Manhattan, New York and supports the needs of some of the largest organizations in the United States and top players in the telecommunications industry.

This American company offers a wide array of products and services that continue to generate the company’s annual revenue of more than $12.6 billion. The business is listed as a component of the Wilshire 5000 and S&P 500 Indices. Though fairly new in the industry, the company has greatly expanded its operations since its inception. Through organic growth and its aggressive approach in acquisition, the company has amassed several businesses and competing companies have folded in the presence of L-3 Communications. Currently, there are four major segments that operate within the business: Government Services, Aircraft Modernization and Maintenance, Specialized Products and Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR).

The company has several products in the market. Some of these include the millimeter wave airport passenger screening systems, trace level explosive detection system, a mobile aviation training simulator, holographic weapon sights, airport baggage scanning systems and electro optical imaging systems. Telecommunication and wireless companies make use of the products and services offered by the business. Its biggest clients include NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Government Intelligence agencies. Additionally, there are several aerospace contractors that advocate the offerings of the company.

There are more than 48,000 employees who are working for the company. The success of the company, as outlined on their website lies in three things: commitment, innovation and agility. The business continues to trade publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, using the ticker symbol LLL.

Friday, August 7, 2015

iPass Inc.: Connecting Everyone Through Wi-Fi Hotspots

The need to be connected online has become a necessity for the vast majority that wherever they go, it seems like they cannot go about their day without saying hello to the internet. Mobile data is expensive and thus people choose to connect over Wi-Fi hotspots and other accesses.

iPass, Inc. is a global provider of Wi-Fi access in over 120 countries and territories. The networks offered by the company are sold to over 700 corporations and telecommunications service providers around the world. The business has also forged strong connections with various partners in different regions around the world. The main business of the company is the provisioning of mobility services. In total, there are more than 18 million global commercial Wi-Fi hotspots that the company maintains.

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, the company continues to power the need of everyone to be connected with everyone else through the internet. iPass, Inc. thrives in the industry of telecommunications services.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Intevac: The Thin Film and Photonics Expert

The semiconductor sector continues to be one of the base industries that support the innovation of new technology that gives birth to advancement in how we lead our lives today. The industry strongly relies on highly engineered devices that are capable of manufacturing the most durable and intelligent thin films that sits at the heart of every technological advancement.

It is in the designing and manufacturing of these smart devices that Intevac, Inc. thrives. Created in 1991, the business has been offering the industry with the best thin film solutions that are capable of meeting the demands of high volume manufacturing of substrates. These substrates are the base of integrated circuits that function as the brain of technology. Through the innovation offered by Intevac, they are helping the semiconductor industry manufacture in bulk, the demand for silicon products. The company is positioned to support the latest advancements in technology using their high productivity processing systems.

Globally known as a leading supplier of magnetic media processing systems, Intevac, Inc. takes pride of its accomplishment of shipping out more than 220 manufacturing systems, which comprise about 60% of the word’s produced magnetic media. In addition to its expertise in thin film equipment, the company is also known for its photonics technology. Leveraging on its proprietary Electron Bombarded Active Pixel Sensor (EBAPS) coupled with its thin film technology, the company is able to support the defense market by creating highly sensitive digital-optical sensors, cameras and systems. The innovation of this business unit includes digital night vision and long range target identification.

Intevac, Inc. went public in 1995 and made its initial public offering on the NASDAQ. It continues to market its common shares using the ticker symbol IVAC. The company is now a multi-million dollar venture that is strategically positioned to support the technological advancements in the global markets.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hudson Global, Inc.: Hiring the Right Talent

Companies become successful not because of its assets or its latest technology, but because of the right people staffed to make the business run. That said, it is but imperative that companies hire the right talent to go about operating their venture.

Hudson Global, Inc. is one of the trusted names when it comes to recruiting the right staff. The company has been in the business since 2003 and now operates in 20 countries around the world. The business has exemplary expertise in talent management, recruitment process outsourcing and recruitment. The operations of the business are divided into three geographical divisions, namely Hudson Europe and Middle East, Hudson Asia Pacific and Hudson Americas.

It is in New York City that the business holds its headquarters. It continues to publicly trade its common stocks on the NASDAQ, using the ticker symbol HSON. Hudson Global is listed as a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hurco Companies: Connecting People and Machines to Improve Productivity

The connection between people and computers is the powering force behind the success of Hurco Companies. The business was created from the idea of Gerald Roch, with the help of his business partner Edward Humston. Together, the partners started the business in 1968. The following year, the company got incorporated.

The business is listed as an industrial technology company whose stocks are listed publicly on the NASDAQ. It was in 1971 that the business made its initial public offering and today, the common shares of the business are marketed using the ticker symbol HURC. It is engaged in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of computerized machine tools that are then sold to the metal working industry. These machines are comprised of turning centers (lathes) and vertical machining centers (mills). Today, the company offers a range of products that are used in various processes in the metal working industry. These products and services are computerized and automated and are thus capable of improving productivity.

The offerings of the company are categorized under the three segments: Computerized Machine Tools-Machining and Turning Centers, LCM Precision Technology Machine Tool Components and Accessories and Computer Control Systems. Through its subsidiary, LCM Precision Technology, the business is able to offer their customers electro-spindles, swivel heads and computer numerical control (CNC) rotary and tilting tables. During the recently rolled out survey of the company, they were able to collect feedback from their customers. The majority of these respondents was saying it’s the control from these machines that they consider as the highlight of the offerings of Hurco Companies.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Hurco continues to provide the latest technology in their offerings to lessen workload and improve productivity within the companies they serve. The business continues to operate under its mission statement of “providing, unique, innovative software and CNC controls that help our customers maximize productivity through reduced setup time and multi-tasking on the shop floor.”

Friday, July 24, 2015

Berkshire Bank: Banking for More than 165 Years

More than the total deposits and assets that Berkshire Bank has, the company takes pride of three things: their people, the energy and their attitude. For more than 165 years now, the company has remained consistent in its dedication to serve the country’s financial services needs.

In addition to the customary deposits that the bank draws its funds from, they also have proceeds from principal and interest payments and borrowings to rely on. The business has its investment securities and interest on loans as its source of revenue. The operations of the company are focused on the state of New York, where it also holds its corporate office.

Other than the banking services offered by Berkshire Bank, the institution also offers wealth management, insurance and other banking services. The business remains publicly traded on the Over-the-Counter Markets, using the ticker symbol BERK. It is listed as a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

GulfMark Offshore, Inc.: Supporting the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

GulfMark Offshore, Inc. is one of the companies that continue to support the upstream oil and gas industry. The business is an expert in the field of marine transportation. They continue to own and operate a fleet of marine vessels that support offshore operations in the energy industry. It was in 1990 that the company entered the industry and through its seasoned team of experts, the business has significantly grown its operations.

From a small venture, GulfMark Offshore is now a global venture that continues to support some of the major players in the industry of oil and natural gas. They are best known for their technologically advanced fleet and the quality of their performance. The solutions they offer encourage the increase of productivity and decrease of operational costs. Their fleet of highly advanced support vessels include, fast supply vessels, specialty vessels, platform supply and anchor handling towing supply. 60% of these assets were newly constructed in 2005.

The operations of the company are divided into three reporting segments, namely Southeast Asia (SEA), North Sea (N. Sea) and the Americas. In total, they have about 75 offshore supply vessels. The majority of their fleet is based in the North Sea. GulfMark Offshore continues to cater to the needs of independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, government owned energy companies and those foreign government-owned oil and natural gas ventures. In addition to their marine support and transportation services, the business also offers logistics, construction and other services to the industry.

The company is one of the energy-related ventures headquartered in Houston, Texas. The business made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange and continues to publicly trade its common shares using the ticker symbol GLF. GulfMark is also listed as one of the components of the Wilshire 5000 Index.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Geron Corporation: Finding a Cure for Cancer

Telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein that is also present in cancer cells. By suppressing these telomerase inhibitors, medications are able to address forms of cancers. The technology platform owned by Geron Corporation aims to develop therapeutic products that are intended for cancer.

By applying their expertise in telomere biology and telomerase, the company is able to create novelty products that would combat cancer at the cellular level. By attacking the DNA structure of these cancer cells, they are able to lessen the instances of recurrence of the deadly disease. The company has several products that are under various clinical trials. Some of these developments were created through the partnership of the company with other biopharmaceutical ventures.

The business is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and was started by Michael D. West, a gerontologist. It was in 1990 that the company started and now publicly trades on the NASDAQ, using the symbol GERN.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

General Employment Enterprises: Provider of Professional Placement Services

For more than 100 years, General Employment Enterprises has been in the business of providing career opportunities to professionals around the world. The company is considered as one of the oldest and biggest professional placement services in the United States.

It is in Naperville, Illinois that the business holds its corporate office. It was in 1893 that the company first opened its agency and focused on engineering. F. L. Winslow created the business and grew the company to start offering professional opportunities in other specialized fields. Today, General Employment Enterprises is engaged in the hiring, contracting and providing contract-to-hire services in the fields of engineering, accounting and IT. In 1967, the business has gone public and started trading over the counter. The following year, it moved to the American Stock Exchange and eventually to the New York Stock Exchange, where it continues to market its common shares today, using the ticker symbol JOB.

For more than a century, the business has dedicated its resources to hunting every corner of the world, to fill the job openings they have. Other than working with their clients, the company has also made it their top priority to offer every applicant with the best business contract to stay with the companies they were hired by. They continue to provide successful solutions that promote retention and increase productivity of their clients. In the field of accounting, the business specializes in looking for the right skills and talents for audit, financial planning and analysis, general accounting, financial reporting, treasury, tax and credit, among others. In engineering, they have electrical, mechanical, design, quality, process, manufacturing management and civil specializations. Under information technology, they specialize in searching for experts in web developing, eCommerce, software/system architects, help desk and tech support, and several others.

The specializations and services offered by the company are marketed under the brand name Busniess Management Personnel, Ashley Ellis, General Employment Enterprises, Omni, Generation Technologies, Triad Staffing and BMCH.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Five Star Senior Living: Servicing the Elderly

As we grow older, sometimes we don’t want to get in the way of the lives of our kids. While there are a lot of individuals, who doesn’t want to leave their homes, there are those who prefer to seek the assistance of senior living.

Five Star Senior Living continues to offer the best healthcare and senior living assistance in the United States. The company  continues to operate several senior living communities across the country. Their properties include independent living communities, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities. As of December 2014, the company operates in 31 states with about 258 senior living communities. These properties have a total of 30,379 living units.

The business continues to provide the best care and hospitality to their patients to make them feel like they never left home. Five Star continues to uphold its commitment to providing enhanced lifestyle and independence to their patients.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Industrial Realty Trust: Offering Solutions to the Industrial Real Estate Challenges

As a real estate investment trust (REIT), First Industrial Realty Trust is focused on the markets of North America. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and was incorporated in 1993. More than the number of properties of the company, the business is best known in the industry for the strong connection they have forged with their business partners.

The team of experts, who continue to run the company, is engaged with their 5-fold solutions: leasing, development, acquisition, disposition and sale leaseback. The company has worked with more than 2,000 customers in the industrial markets. They have taken on the challenging of offering the right property, at the right location, with the right facilities at the right price. First Industrial Realty is dedicated to doing what’s right, not just for their venture, but also for the success of their business partners.

The solutions offered by the company continue to fuel the success of their business partners. Part of their property portfolio is their 644 properties across the region that have a total space of more than 65.6 million square feet. The majority of these properties are suitable for leasing as distribution centers. 61% of the total assets of the company are created as facilities or centers where the delivery of products starts. Only 5% of its properties is converted into research and development facilities. The properties developed, owned and managed by the business can be tailored to the unique needs of their business partners. They remain equipped with creative ways to help their clients succeed.

As a REIT, First Industrial Realty Trust continues to be free from federal tax obligations. This tax benefit will continue to take effect for as long as the business continues to distribute at least 9% of its earnings back to their shareholders. Common shares of the company are marketed on the New York Stock Exchange, using the symbol FR.

Friday, July 3, 2015

DBPower Multifunctional GSM Bug Detector is a Gizmo that Reduces Paranoia

Do you feel that your activities are being videotaped, or that someone is eavesdropping outside your door? Do you want to feel secure from fraud? Is the protection of your personal privacy and confidential information paramount concerns for you? Then you can stop your paranoia with the help of the DBPower Multifunctional GSM Bug Detector.

This bug detector uses a combination of passive radio frequency and laser scanning. The device can detect eavesdropping, whether it is done digitally, through the telephone, from a vehicle, through a wireless pinhole camera or a wired camera. Its features can effectively prevent unauthorized videotaping to protect personal privacy and confidential information.

The effective range of camera detection ranges from 10 centimeters to 10 meters depending on the settings. Radio detection ranges from 5 centimeters to 10 centimeters. Its receive frequency range is from 1 mHz t0 6,500 mHz. A package of DBPower also includes a battery charger and an earphone.

If ignoring stalkers cannot deal with your paranoia, try DBPower Multifunctional GSM Bug Detector. It might be the device that can provide you your needed peace of mind.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Runtastic Adds Orbit to the Mix of Activity-Tracking Wearables

Through the years, Austrian activity-tracking app manufacturer Runtastic has earned the reputation for creating cross-platform apps that reach cyclists and runners on one end and homebodies on the other end. Runtastic made a name in GPS-guided wearables such as watches. Now, Runtastic is taking its flagship products to the next level with the introduction of Orbit.

Orbit is a waterproof wristband. It was made to track all activities - walking, running, swimming, biking and even sleeping - 24/7. Through the Runtastic Me app which is available for Android and iPhones, Orbit has glued Runtastic’s position was the manufacturer of the wearable with the widest activity-tracking space.

To date, Orbit has been the first choice of the most serious of the keep-fit individuals such as cyclists and runners. Current developments demand that activity-tracking wearables should meet the needs of anyone and everyone. So Orbit is more than just a tracking device that monitors 30-mile cycles and 10-mile runs. Orbit tracks both walk, work and even sleep.

Orbit comes in blue or black bands. It can also be worn in the waist through a back clip. There are two metallic dots located at the rear of Orbit which secures the cable magnetically and guarantees that the cable is not easily dislodged. For the wearers who are concerned with fashion, there are six available colors which may be ordered directly from Runtastic.

The strap of the Orbit has several pairs of holes. It fits most wrist sizes. The wearer feels wearing a watch more than wearing a wristband. In front of the Orbit is a screen and a button. Pressing the button once gives the time. Pressing it twice provides the number of steps taken today, the amount of calories burned, and some active minutes. Pressing the button long sets the band in sleep mode. It detects how well the wearer sleeps. In the morning, the user can re-enter the wristband into the normal mode.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Emerson Radio Corp: More than a Century of Innovation

The new Emerson Radio Corporation was founded in 1948. Its predecessor entered the markets in 1912 with a  recognized trademark in the consumer electronics industry. Today, the business is known as one of the largest volume consumer electronics distributors in the United States.

Globally, Emerson Radio is one of the oldest and well-respected names in the consumer electronics industry. It is engaged in the designing and marketing of both audio and video products. The portfolio of the company includes DVD players, video cassette recorders (VCRs), televisions, home theatre, high end audio effects, mobile stereo and wireless items; microwave ovens and office products, among others. The company is behind the distribution of the Universal Cut Records and the peewee radio, which were sources of entertainment in the 1915.

With the onset of new technology, Emerson Radio remains competitive in the market. Compared to other older ventures, the business remains pliant with the birth of new innovation. The company continues to operate under its slogan “We’re Playing Your Tune”.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals: Innovating Products for Inflammatory and Immunology Diseases

With the advancement of technology and medicine, pharmaceutical companies are able to create products that are able to counter life-threatening diseases. Sadly though, the majority of these products is sold with skyrocketing prices. With the cost of medication going up, not that many people are able to purchase these medications despite their urgency of their needs. Thanks to biopharmaceutical companies like EPIRUS Pharmaceuticals, they are able to change the way the majority accesses to these therapeutics.

EPIRUS Pharmaceuticals continues to offer the market their biosimilar products that are patented after three branded products. These medications are used to treat serious diseases in relation to immunology and inflammation. They continue to develop, manufacture and commercialize their products in targeted geographies around the world. They are currently marketing their BOW015 (infliximab), BOW050 (adalimumab) and BOW070 (tocilizumab) that are patterned after Remicade, Humira and Actemra, respectively. The last three products have a very strong performance in the global markets and the demand for these medications have totaled to more than $20 billion in global sales during the 2013 fiscal year.

BOW015 is a biosimilar product that is intended as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. This product is being marketed under the name Infimab and is also used as a treatment for psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis and Crohn’s Disease.  BOW050 contains adalimumab as its active ingredient. This product is also used as a treatment for inflammatory diseases, including pediatric arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. The BOW070, marketed as Tocilizumab is also intended for various forms of inflammatory diseases and is currently in its comparability phase of development.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals continues to employ the assistance  of local distributors, licensing, and direct sales to commercialize their offerings. They also partner with local companies to hasten the distribution of their products in the market.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Diamond Resorts International: Traveling Made Easy

Conducting its trade like a timeshare or a destination club, Destination Resorts International is a full service hospitality and vacation ownership company. The business serves as travel partner that allows its members to plan their vacation with flexibility and endless choices.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Diamond Resorts International has more than 330 worldwide vacation destinations. They have partnerships in 34 countries, including in the United States, the Carribean, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, South and Central America. Additionally, the company also has 4 cruise itineraries through their DRI timeshare exchange. Registered as one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, the business takes pride of their 490,000 owners and members.

Through the ownership points that members and owners earn from Diamond Resorts International, they are able to gain better access to any of the 330 managed and affiliated properties of the company. This would mean that they are able to get more places to travel, more memories to share and a wide of culture and experiences to try.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dover Downs: Delaware’s Topnotch Gaming and Hospitality Business

When it comes to topnotch gaming, exceptional hospitality, luxurious accommodation and wonderful restaurants, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino is one of the best establishments in the heart of Dover, Delaware. The business is owned and managed by Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment.

In the middle of the Mid-Atlantic region, the company is one of the preferred names in gaming and its establishment comes equipped with the latest technology. In addition to the slot machines and the card games offered by the business, they also have their racing facility that features a harness horse racing on 1km track. They also hold NASCAR events on their 1 mile concrete surface, while accommodating their guests in their hotel rooms. Their hotel business is considered as one of the largest in Delaware with 500 rooms and suites to welcome their customers. They are also known for their Rollins Center, which features a multipurpose ballroom area of about 18,000 square feet. This establishment is capable of hosting huge business conferences, conventions, banquets and other functions that require a huge space.

The gaming facility of the company continues to feature their wide array of slot machines. To date, they have about 2,700 slot machines in addition to their 40 table games. Name your game and the business is sure to have you accommodated. They have blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat among others. Dover Downs also features the highest average Bad Beat Jackpots in the state of Delaware. They also feature live entertainment from artists like Brian McKnight, LeAnn Rimes, Dionne Warwick and a whole lot more.

Dover Downs is listed as one of the components of the Wilshire 5000 Index. The company remains traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Its common stocks are marketed under the ticker symbol DDE. It was in 1969 that the company opened its doors for business.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Inc.: Offering Pure Entertainment and Dining Experience

Dining and entertainment go hand in hand. These two activities are the perfect combination for relaxation and for bonding with the family. When it comes to dining and entertainment, Dave & Buster’s (D&B) understands what every American needs.

The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and continues to operate restaurants that have a video arcade. It was in 1982 that the company started with its founder David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley. Today, the business has 73 locations across the United States and 1 in Canada. Not only is the company offering pure fun and dining experience, they also reward their customers through their Power Card. With every game they finish and every challenge they win, they are able to earn rewards like a free game play.

From a small venture, the company has grown into a multi-million venture that is capable of generating more than half a billion dollars. In 1995, the company has gone public and now trades its common stocks on the NASDAQ.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CTPartners Executive Search, Inc.: A Global Leader in Headhunting

Sometimes what a company really needs to make a breakthrough in the markets is the right leader to steer the ship to its success. Through executive search, businesses that don’t have the right talent are powered with the world’s brilliant minds to head their operations. One of the trusted partners in executive search is CTPartners Executive Search, Inc.

The business is powered by deeply experienced search professionals who are able to provide them with the right pool of talents to lead their venture. The searches done by the company are global in coverage and is powered by the latest technology to filter the right candidates. The company is known globally for being the only global executive search firm that completely opens its books of execution statistics for publicly scrutiny. It specializes in searching for C-level executives, board members and other senior executives.

To execute the retained searches of the business, they utilize highly advanced technology, pre-defined search process and communication tools. They have 23 offices across the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. Through their talents and their technology, the business is able to provide the fastest turn around time in headhunting. As of, the business averages around 136 days to provide the need for top executives. 84% of their searches are completed within 100 days from the request of their clients.

CTPartners doesn’t stop in the hiring process as they also provide their clients value adding services. They offer the 40-day Audit which allows their clients to provide them milestones and formal feedback and as well as suggestions on how they can better perform their searches. They also roll out their Client Quality Satisfaction Survey to ensure that continuous improvement is in place. It is in New York City, New York that the company holds its corporate office.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Corcept Therapeutics: Understanding and Treating the Effects of Cortisol

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is responsible in responding to stress and low blood glucose. This hormone plays a vital role in our bodily functions, but can also be life-threatening if taken in high dosages. There are several disorders that are the result of high levels of cortisol in the body.

Corcept Therapeutics, Inc. is one of the pharmaceutical companies in the United States that focus in the discovery and development of drugs to treat psychiatric, severe metabolic and oncologic disorders. Their flagship product is called the mifepristone, which is geared towards addressing abnormal levels of cortisol in the body and the corresponding diseases that resulted from this elevated hormones. This medication is intended to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus and is being developed for ovarian, breast and prostate cancer.

It is in Menlo Park, California that the business holds its corporate office. It remains publicly traded on the NASDAQ and markets its common shares under the symbol CORT.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Command Security Corporation: Safeguarding Peace and Security

When it comes to apprehending crimes and providing security services, Command Security Corporation is one of the trusted names in the United States. The company has more than 30 years of expertise in the industry of providing security services to a wide range of clients. Headquartered in Herdon, Virginia, the business continues to deploy more than 6,500 highly-skilled and highly-trained security personnels across the country.

The aim to provide security and protection to their clients and to the country, Command Security Corporation continues to uphold the safe conduct of public life and commerce. In total, the executive team of the company has a total of more than 200 years of experience in homeland security and the defense markets. Their expertise is most useful for commercial, industrial, governmental, aviation and financial customers across the country.

By working closely with the public and by providing open communication, the company is able to further secure the safety of the community they serve. Their personnel range from those armed officers to those who are unarmed, those who stationed in certain locations and those that are on patrol cars. These officers have undergone rigid training and have a strong commitment to safeguard the interest of the public and the customers they serve. The aviation division of the business continues to deploy their skilled officers to both international and domestic airports. They continue to serve more than 100 aviation centers across the country and provide baggage screening services, access services, wheelchair escort services, cargo and passenger checking and other special escort services.

With the presence of these security officers, the country becomes safer and businesses are able to continue to run smoothly. Through the years, the innovation and the solutions offered by Command Security Corporation remain unmatched and a critical component in safeguarding peace and security.