Thursday, February 7, 2013

Plant Link: Smarter Gardening, No Green Thumb Required

Eduardo Torrealba wasn't gifted with a green thumb and kept killing his plants. Deciding that there had to be an easier and more enjoyable way to garden, he came up with a solution that would prevent over and under watering, which are the top killers of house plants and gardens. After building a prototype, he recruited some of his friends from the University of Illinois and they co-founded Oso Technologies.

Oso's first product, Plant Link, promises to make unintentional plant killers like Torrealba better gardeners. Developed over the past year by Torrealba and company, the system tells you when your garden, lawn, or house plants need to be watered. Place a link next to your plant or in your lawn and log in to Oso's website to specify what type of plant you have. The link then monitors the amount of water in the soil and alerts you when your plants are thirsty via email, text message, or push notification. If you opt to get a smart valve, which can control the water flow to your hose, Plant Link can even do the watering for you.

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