Thursday, October 10, 2013

Aisle Planner Connects Brides-to-Be With Wedding Professionals

Based in Cardiff, California, Aisle Planner is a startup that aims to make planning a wedding less overwhelming for brides-to-be. On Aisle Planner, users can not only find advice and inspiration for their big day, but also connect and collaborate with vendors, venues, and other wedding professionals in their area. In addition, Aisle Planner serves as an all-in-one publishing platform for wedding photographers, planners, bridal designers, caterers, and any professional in the wedding industry.

According to Aisle Planner president and CEO Rob Farrow, the company wants to end the media perception of the “bridezilla” and the animosity towards wedding planners. “There is no way that anyone can truly do a wedding by yourself,” he says.

Even DIYers need help, and this is where Aisle Planner comes in. “We want to make it easy to work with and collaborate with planners,” says Farrow. “Here it is 'we/us/and' – there is no 'them/either/or.'”

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