Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Qleek Bridges the Digital and Real Worlds With Wooden Blocks

Qleek brings your digital stuff into the real world. With the upcoming system, you don't have to open an app to listen to your favorite songs, watch a funny video, or share photographs from your last vacation with friends.

Qleek aims to make enjoying media simple and elegant again. Before the advent of digital, we took records out of sleeves, pulled books from shelves, and flipped physical albums to browse pictures. Modern services such as Spotify, YouTube, Kindle, and Instagram are great but lack beauty and personality. Qleek turns content from these services into physical media using wooden hexagon blocks or Tapps. Simply activate the right Tapp to watch your favorite TV show or play some tunes. Tapps are always linked to their sources, so they are automatically updated whenever there's new content. The best part is, you can give them to others as gifts.

The idea for Qleek was born a couple of years ago, when co-founder Ismail Salhi wondered why he should be in front of a screen to play his music. He loved how simple it used to be to play music at home – all he had to do was grab a record and load it into the player. He didn't have to launch any apps, plug any cables, or scroll through any lists to find his favorite artists. Salhi made some doodles before recruiting product designer Johanna Hartzheim, who now serves as Qleek's chief design officer. After a few iterations on their prototype, Salhi and Hartzheim decided to start a company out of the project. They got Pierre Gerlach on board as chief technology officer, and the three of them have been working to bring Qleek to market ever since.

Available for pre-order soon, Qleek has been featured in Fast Co.Design, The Coolector, MSN, La Tribune, and more.

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