Friday, January 23, 2015

Nautilus, Inc.: Manufacturer of Exercise and Fitness Equipment

You would likely find in any gym and fitness centers around the world a product or two that are manufactured by Nautilus, Inc. Starting out with a revolutionary strength machine, the business has evolved into a company that provides the world with exercise equipment and exercise apparel.

Nautilus is a Vancouver, Washington-based company that markets its products globally. Annually, the company generates more than $680.3 million in revenue. While the business was formed in 1986, its experience and expertise in the exercise and fitness industry cover more than 30 years. Several products are produced by the company and these offerings are marketed under the brand names Universal, Nautilus, Bowflex and Schwinn Fitness.

The first machine marketed by Nautilus was the invention of Arthur Jones. The product was named Nautilus and uses a logarithmic-spiral cam similar to the mollusc, nautilus. The majority of gym and exercise equipment are patterned after this product after the company’s patent expired.

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