Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CTPartners Executive Search, Inc.: A Global Leader in Headhunting

Sometimes what a company really needs to make a breakthrough in the markets is the right leader to steer the ship to its success. Through executive search, businesses that don’t have the right talent are powered with the world’s brilliant minds to head their operations. One of the trusted partners in executive search is CTPartners Executive Search, Inc.

The business is powered by deeply experienced search professionals who are able to provide them with the right pool of talents to lead their venture. The searches done by the company are global in coverage and is powered by the latest technology to filter the right candidates. The company is known globally for being the only global executive search firm that completely opens its books of execution statistics for publicly scrutiny. It specializes in searching for C-level executives, board members and other senior executives.

To execute the retained searches of the business, they utilize highly advanced technology, pre-defined search process and communication tools. They have 23 offices across the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. Through their talents and their technology, the business is able to provide the fastest turn around time in headhunting. As of, the business averages around 136 days to provide the need for top executives. 84% of their searches are completed within 100 days from the request of their clients.

CTPartners doesn’t stop in the hiring process as they also provide their clients value adding services. They offer the 40-day Audit which allows their clients to provide them milestones and formal feedback and as well as suggestions on how they can better perform their searches. They also roll out their Client Quality Satisfaction Survey to ensure that continuous improvement is in place. It is in New York City, New York that the company holds its corporate office.

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