Friday, July 10, 2015

Five Star Senior Living: Servicing the Elderly

As we grow older, sometimes we don’t want to get in the way of the lives of our kids. While there are a lot of individuals, who doesn’t want to leave their homes, there are those who prefer to seek the assistance of senior living.

Five Star Senior Living continues to offer the best healthcare and senior living assistance in the United States. The company  continues to operate several senior living communities across the country. Their properties include independent living communities, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities. As of December 2014, the company operates in 31 states with about 258 senior living communities. These properties have a total of 30,379 living units.

The business continues to provide the best care and hospitality to their patients to make them feel like they never left home. Five Star continues to uphold its commitment to providing enhanced lifestyle and independence to their patients.

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