Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Socket Mobile, Inc.: The Global Manufacturer of Mobile Barcode Scanners

As virtually everything becomes mobile, technology strongly leverages on the power of mobile phones and gadgets to carry out operations that used to require large equipment. In the arena of mobile devices and productivity tools, Socket Mobile, Inc. produces some of the world’s most innovative products that are used in the healthcare, field service, retail POS and in several other mobile markets.

The company is registered as a producer of mobile, cordless barcode scanners and remain to be the preferred partner of businesses around the world. Headquartered in Newark, California, the business is one of the leading producers of mobile handheld computer products and barcode scanning items. The offerings of the business are mostly used by workers who remain mobile but continue to report their transactions on a timely basis to their central hub. With the products and solutions carried by the company, they are able to provide these workers with the business mobility they need and the accuracy and productivity tools to make their jobs easier.

As of, Socket Mobile, Inc. offers their products under 4 categories: Series 7, Series 8, Series 9 and SoMo. Their portfolio includes wireless handheld and hands-free barcode scanners that are capable of connecting to smartphones, tablets and other handheld computers through Bluetooth and WiFi. They offer general purpose handheld computer products that utilizes the Windows Embedded Handheld System 6.5 operating system and wearable cordless ring scanners. These products are also customizable to meet the requirements of their customers. They have more than 30 technology patents and the number continues to grow as the company ceaselessly invest on their research and development division.

To further advance their offerings, Socket Mobile, Inc. works with over 1,400 registered developers. The company works with some of the biggest retailers in the world, including Frito Lay, GE Healthcare, NCR, John Deere, Google, Apple, IBM, Pepsi, dunhill, Cartier, Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific, among others.

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