Friday, December 18, 2015

Venus Swimwear Brings Out The Best in Bodies

In 1984, Daryle Scott formed his company, Venus Body Wear, as a clothing and swimsuit retailer with a wide range of exercise apparel and ladies’ leotards. In 1984, he expanded his product lines to include women’s swimwear, which he called Venus Swimwear.

From its humble beginnings, the Venus brand continued to grow through acquisitions. In 1999, the company purchased WinterSilks, a well-known importer of silk-based ready-to-wear products. In accordance with its expanded product lines, the company changed its name to Venus.

By 2006, Golden Gate Capital acquired 80 percent of Venus, Venus Manufacturing, and WinterSilks; the former used its Catalog Holdings Group for the purchase. The three acquired companies were united under a single company, Venus Holdings LLC.

In 2009, Bon Prix, an Otto subsidiary and a German catalog company, acquired Venus Holdings.

The Venus brand was the official swimsuit sponsor for the Miss America pageant in 2007. It was also the official presenting sponsor for the cheerleaders at the The Jacksonville ROAR 2014/2015.

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