Friday, October 21, 2011

Coherix Seeing the World in Detail

Coherix Inc. creates machines with amazing abilities. Its machines can see to one millionth of a meter – ie, one micron – in three dimensions. Yeah, and you thought Google Earth was cool, huh?

Coherix does this, according to its website, in order to “supply Robust 3D products that enable customers to produce their products with higher precision and with higher yields, leading to high quality products produced at a lower cost per unit.”

The means by which Coherix goes about accomplishing this mission seems to be working, since in September, 2011 (according to this press release) the company received a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract from the U.S. Naval Warfare Center.

This contract was awarded to Coherix for the purpose of enabling the company to “develop a system for Surface Mapping of Corrosion on Complex Curved Surfaces.  Coherix will apply its unique and proprietary 3-dimensional holographic metrology technology, previously delivered by Coherix for precision measurements in worldwide transportation industry manufacturing applications, to provide the Navy with the capability to detect and measure corrosion to the micron level of resolution.”

Coherix developed a method that deploys holographic technology to measure and determine the shapes of “critical mating surfaces ‘where microns matter.’” According to its corporate profile, two relevant fields using its machines are the vehicle and semiconductor industries. In total, the company has developed and field-tested more than 150 functional tools that are being used in more than 3,000 locations across the globe.    

To learn more about Coherix, visit:
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