Thursday, October 13, 2011

CopyMe: Giving Expert Traders the Power to Build Investment Businesses

Investing is tough. Investing is vital to a happy future. But when done poorly, investment can financially destroy a person. Many do not know where to turn when it comes to investing. However, there is good news, for there is a new technology that is introducing a great number of expert investors into the world, peddling their wares, their skills and their expertise.

The technology is CopyMe, an application that gives individual expert traders the power to showcase their skills and create their own investment businesses, in order to create an additional stream of income.

The application has so much promise that it earned its company, eToro – the world’s largest investment network, – its second consecutive Best of Show award at FinovateFall, a technology awards show.

eToro CEO, Jonathan Assia, was honored to have won the award, saying in this profile, "We are very proud to be recognized by Finovate on both sides of the Atlantic. This award confirms industry endorsement for our vision to enable every expert to easily create their own respectable investment business and to offer potential investors with a fully transparent and performance-based investment alternative."

CopyMe works by giving expert traders access to eToro’s OpenBook, which in turn gives them the opportunity to showcase their trading skills to the more than 1.75 million registered eToro members. As eToro users are able to examine the success of these expert traders, they will be able to sign up the expert of their choice to potentially realize the same levels of profit that the experts do.

To learn more about eToro’s CopyMe, visit:
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