Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Addappt: Say Goodbye to Manually Updated Address Books

Founded by Mrinal Desai and Jorge Ferreira, Addappt is a newly launched app that eliminates the need for manually updating your address book. Described as “the up-to-date address book maintained by your friends,” Addappt needs to be updated only once. If anything changes, it automatically streamlines your mobile, desktop, iCloud, and even your contacts' address books.

Speaking of contacts, they need to use Addappt as well in order for the system to work, because the company doesn't store your information on its servers. According to Desai, “We're looking at this like the address book as a platform. When you add a contact, it's like adding a friend of Facebook.” Similarly, your approval is required before anyone can add you as a contact and see your details.

Desai says he wanted to build an address book app because it has always been his “primary social network,” even with the arrival of social media.

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