Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Get All the Latest Product Launch News Without Searching Via LaunchGram

If you've ever looked forward to the release of a long-awaited gadget or movie, chances are you googled it every day so you wouldn't miss a thing. Well, there's no need to do that anymore, thanks to Mountain View startup LaunchGram. Founded in January of 2012, LaunchGram is a free alert service that sends you breaking news and updates on products that have yet to launch. In the words of co-founder and CEO Andy Sparks, it “aggregates pre-release demand signals for products coming soon.”

Why go to the news when you can let the news come to you? Simply sign up for an account at the LaunchGram website and follow the things you can't wait to become available, such as the Assassin's Creed film or the Xbox 720. After you're subscribed, you will receive “LaunchGrams” via email. But don't worry about your inbox getting flooded with misleading rumors or redundant info – LaunchGram will only send curated updates such as pre-order availability, photos, video, and release dates. Sparks and his two co-founders personally do most of the work, scouring the web for the latest information about your favorite products and verifying its authenticity. According to Sparks, they employ a “healthy combination of user-generated tips coupled with [our] own internal curation.” News sent to your email shows up on the product pages at the LaunchGram website as well. SMS alerts used to be an option but were discontinued due to low usage.

LaunchGram started out focusing on movies, electronics, video games, and cars. Recently, the startup added TV shows – the most requested category by users – to its roster, as well as got accepted into the 500 Startups accelerator.

For the LaunchGram team, a good company culture is just as important as having a good product, so Sparks and his co-founders make sure they have fun every day. “We believe that people deserve to enjoy the work they do,” he says.

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