Sunday, August 4, 2013

Snaptee: A Custom T-Shirt Design App

Snaptee is a Hong Kong-based startup that believes a T-shirt is not only an article of clothing, but also a blank canvas for expression. Its iOS app (Android version coming soon) lets anyone design and order their own custom T-shirt with just a few taps on their smartphone. Simply link your photo or Instagram albums to Snaptee and create a cool design by applying a filter and adding some text. You can also use the Remix function to modify other users' designs, if you're feeling lazy. Snaptee uses 100 percent organic cotton garments and ships to anywhere in the world for as little as $5.

Snaptee launched earlier this year and has since amassed 130,000 users in 45 countries. So far, the app has been used to create over 160,000 unique designs. With key markets in Japan, Germany, and the US, the startup plans to target Australia, South Korea, the UK, and Southeast Asia next.


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