Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ansa Enables Off-the-Record Messaging

Ansa is a new messaging app that lets you communicate like you do in person – that is, without leaving a trace. With Ansa, you can go “off the record” and every message will be automatically deleted 60 seconds after it's been read. The app also has a self-destruct timer that lets you send photos, drawings, and videos that disappear seconds after delivery. Messages and media that are deleted from you and your recipient's phones are deleted from Ansa's servers at the same time. Meanwhile, on-the-record conversations are stored on the startup's servers, allowing you to view your conversation history.

But messages that you've already sent days or months ago can still be deleted, if you wish. Called synced deletion, the feature not only removes old messages from your phone, it also deletes them from your recipient's phone.

Ansa is now available on Android and iOS. The eight-person company is based in San Francisco, California.

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