Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happier Is a Company That Has Made Happiness Its Business

Happier is a leading happiness and wellness company whose mission is to help people be happier in their everyday lives. Founded by chief executive officer Nataly Kogan, Happier is inspired by research that shows focusing on the positive and sharing good things with loved ones makes you happier, healthier, and more productive. The company's first product is the Happier app, which combines a social gratitude journal with a positive community. Hundreds of thousands of people have used the app to keep track of the happy moments in their day, get uplifted by the Happier community, and become less stressed and more optimistic. Happier believes it is possible to find positive moments in every single day, including those when nothing seems to be going right.

Recently, Happier announced that it will be launching mobile life-improvement courses to help folks become happier in 2014. The courses will last one to three weeks, cost $20 to $50, and cover topics such as becoming better at dating and incorporating meditation into your life. Participants will learn through activities, videos, Happier merch, and other content.

The first course, Everyday Grateful, will help participants cultivate a daily gratitude habit and feel more positive and less stressed about their life in 21 days. Taught by Kogan herself, Everyday Grateful includes a simple daily gratitude activity, tips and advice, inspiring videos, and fun reads. Should participants feel stuck, they can email Kogan for some encouragement at a midpoint in the course. Everyday Grateful also comes with a physical Make Your Life Happier Kit that will be shipped to participants. The kit contains two gratitude journals, a pack of stickers, a magnet with a happiness quote, “you're awesome” cards, and wristbands. Everyday Grateful costs $50 and begins on February 15th. The course is currently available on iPhone only and will soon make its way to Android.

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