Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wattpad Connects Readers and Writers Around the World

Based in Toronto, Canada, Wattpad is the world's largest community for discovering and sharing stories. Available for free on the web, Android, and iOS, Wattpad is home to more than 10 million stories and counting, connecting over 10,000 readers with a new story per minute. Thousands of books and stories are added to Wattpad's ever-growing library each day, and users spend more than 2 billion minutes on the platform each month.

Wattpad is a new way to read, enabling bookworms to follow authors, organize stories into reading lists, vote for their favorites, and share and comment with other users. Readers also get instant notifications when an author adds a new chapter to a story.

Writers, meanwhile, use Wattpad to connect directly with readers, build a fan base, and receive real-time feedback on their stories. In addition, writers can publish serially, collaborate with readers and other writers, and write from anywhere on a mobile device.

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