Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Madefire: Interactive Graphic Novels Revolutionize Storytelling

Aiming to advance the art of storytelling, Madefire transforms static comic books into interactive experiences that evolve with each new episode. By adding movement and sound to every page, Madefire turns graphic novels into Motion Books. Comic book fans can immerse themselves in an onscreen audiovisual experience, discover original content, follow stories as they develop through free new episodes, and see their favorite classics in a new way. Motion Book titles include Batman, Transformers, Hellboy, Star Trek, and My Little Pony.

Madefire was launched by entrepreneur Ben Wolstenholme, award-winning U/I architect Eugene Walden, and world-renowned artist and writer Liam Sharp to combine sequential art with cutting-edge technology and to give storytellers a new creative freedom. While it is a tech company, Madefire has a “creator-first” philosophy and believes that artists should lead innovation in both thinking and practical terms. Madefire hopes that its Motion Books technology will bring a new dimension of originality and expression to storytelling.

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