Thursday, October 9, 2014

Narrative Lets You Capture and Relive the Ordinary and Special Moments in Your Life

Founded in Sweden in 2012, Narrative is a leader in wearable cameras and intelligent image analysis. The company's Narrative Clip is a tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a literal photographic memory. The Narrative Clip takes two five-megapixel photos every minute, so you never miss a moment of your life. The world's smallest wearable camera, it weighs only 20 grams, measures 36x36x9 mm, has a storage capacity of 6,000 pictures, and a battery life of 2 days. Just clip on the Narrative Clip and live your life – the device will capture moments as they happen without interference.

To take an extra photo, double-tap the Narrative Clip. To stop taking pictures, put it face down on a flat surface or in a completely dark place like your pocket. The Narrative Clip comes with a smartphone app for Android and iPhone to let you revisit and share your photos. All your images are stored in your private online library and automatically organized by Narrative's “momentification” feature, with your best photos from each day presented on your timeline.

Narrative believes that our lives consist of both ordinary and special moments that are all worth capturing and remembering. The company aims to empower people to live a life filled with moments that matter and help them preserve and organize their memories. Originally called Memoto, Narrative led a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012 where nearly 3,000 people across the globe pledged a whopping $550,189 to the project. The company changed its name to Narrative in 2013 to avoid conflict and to better reflect its vision of a world where everyone can tell their own story.

The Narrative Clip is now available for immediate shipping to most countries. Starting at $229, the Narrative Clip comes in white, gray, and orange and includes a subscription to Narrative's unlimited storage system.

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