Thursday, December 11, 2014

Always Know Where Your Pet Is With Pip

No one ever wants to lose their pet, but sadly, nearly 10 million companion animals go missing every year. In most cases, the pet never showed any prior signs of running off, but then something unexpected happened.

Shortly after Dave Waymouth adopted his dog, Pip, the terrier mix escaped through the fence to run after a squirrel. Panicked, Waymouth and his family searched everywhere and alerted the neighbors and animal control. In the end, Pip was found eating garbage from a dumpster at a nearby hotel. Several months later, Waymouth's in-laws' cat, Juniper, disappeared. After almost a week, she was discovered trapped under the porch with a dislocated knee. Unfortunately, Juniper's hind leg needed to be amputated. If she had been found sooner, the vet would have been able to save her leg.

The unpleasant reality is that not all missing pets like Pip and Juniper are found – many stories have worse endings. One of Waymouth's biggest fears is that Pip will escape again and run into traffic, so he built a pet monitoring device to give himself and other pet owners peace of mind.

Named after Waymouth's dog, Pip is a small GPS and activity tracker for dogs and cats that attaches to a pet's collar. Pip will notify you of your pet's exact location if he ever leaves a safe area. The app will then use the GPS in your phone and the GPS in Pip to guide you to him. Because Pip uses a cellular data connection to transmit the GPS location, you'll be able to locate your pet anywhere in the United States.

Pip is not the first GPS tracker with a cellular connection for pets. However, existing products are all bulky, have poor battery life, and come with expensive monthly fees. By contrast, Pip is comfortable even for small pets and will last up to three months on a single charge. Additionally, it keeps track of your pet's daily movements, allowing you to see how active she is each day and spot any changing trends in her behavior.

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