Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hologic Corp: Pushing the Boundaries of Science

When it comes to women’s health, Hologic Corporation is one of the leading providers of medical equipment that would aid in the detection of life threatening diseases. Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, it has a global presence with products marketed in all four corners of the world.

In the arena of breast cancer diagnosis, the company has helped millions of women around the world prevent and fight this disease. It provides medical practitioners the digital imaging technology that would help with mammography applications. They are also in the process of perfecting their tomosynthesis technology that would enhance the process of diagnosing breast cancer. Compared to conventional mammography, the usage of this technology will provide higher diagnostic accuracy. It also provides high-resolution limited-angle tomography.

In addition to the breakthrough Hologic is making in diagnosing breast cancer, its core business units also include gynecologic health, direct-to-digital x-ray for general radiography applications, osteoporosis assessment, breast biopsy and mammography. They also have the mini C-arm imaging that is of great value to Orthopedia. With the offerings of the company in the healthcare industry, patients and medical experts alike are able to narrow the gap between doubt and confidence and doctors are able to come up with better diagnosis and course of treatment to help improve the quality of life of their patients.

The products and services of Hologic, Inc. are marketed under the brand names NovaSure, Multicare, Directray, Securview, MyoSure, Selenia, Fluoroscan, Lorad and Discovery. Under these brand names, the company continues to innovate and make a difference in advancing greater certainty for both patients and their primary care physician. They ceaseless push the boundaries of science to make innovative equipment that would one day, address some of the pressing health care issues around the world.

For their great contribution to science and technology and medicine, Hologic was given the Sullivan 2004 Leadership of the Year Award. The company has earned this citation in the women’s healthcare category.

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