Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Runtastic Adds Orbit to the Mix of Activity-Tracking Wearables

Through the years, Austrian activity-tracking app manufacturer Runtastic has earned the reputation for creating cross-platform apps that reach cyclists and runners on one end and homebodies on the other end. Runtastic made a name in GPS-guided wearables such as watches. Now, Runtastic is taking its flagship products to the next level with the introduction of Orbit.

Orbit is a waterproof wristband. It was made to track all activities - walking, running, swimming, biking and even sleeping - 24/7. Through the Runtastic Me app which is available for Android and iPhones, Orbit has glued Runtastic’s position was the manufacturer of the wearable with the widest activity-tracking space.

To date, Orbit has been the first choice of the most serious of the keep-fit individuals such as cyclists and runners. Current developments demand that activity-tracking wearables should meet the needs of anyone and everyone. So Orbit is more than just a tracking device that monitors 30-mile cycles and 10-mile runs. Orbit tracks both walk, work and even sleep.

Orbit comes in blue or black bands. It can also be worn in the waist through a back clip. There are two metallic dots located at the rear of Orbit which secures the cable magnetically and guarantees that the cable is not easily dislodged. For the wearers who are concerned with fashion, there are six available colors which may be ordered directly from Runtastic.

The strap of the Orbit has several pairs of holes. It fits most wrist sizes. The wearer feels wearing a watch more than wearing a wristband. In front of the Orbit is a screen and a button. Pressing the button once gives the time. Pressing it twice provides the number of steps taken today, the amount of calories burned, and some active minutes. Pressing the button long sets the band in sleep mode. It detects how well the wearer sleeps. In the morning, the user can re-enter the wristband into the normal mode.


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