Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Intevac: The Thin Film and Photonics Expert

The semiconductor sector continues to be one of the base industries that support the innovation of new technology that gives birth to advancement in how we lead our lives today. The industry strongly relies on highly engineered devices that are capable of manufacturing the most durable and intelligent thin films that sits at the heart of every technological advancement.

It is in the designing and manufacturing of these smart devices that Intevac, Inc. thrives. Created in 1991, the business has been offering the industry with the best thin film solutions that are capable of meeting the demands of high volume manufacturing of substrates. These substrates are the base of integrated circuits that function as the brain of technology. Through the innovation offered by Intevac, they are helping the semiconductor industry manufacture in bulk, the demand for silicon products. The company is positioned to support the latest advancements in technology using their high productivity processing systems.

Globally known as a leading supplier of magnetic media processing systems, Intevac, Inc. takes pride of its accomplishment of shipping out more than 220 manufacturing systems, which comprise about 60% of the word’s produced magnetic media. In addition to its expertise in thin film equipment, the company is also known for its photonics technology. Leveraging on its proprietary Electron Bombarded Active Pixel Sensor (EBAPS) coupled with its thin film technology, the company is able to support the defense market by creating highly sensitive digital-optical sensors, cameras and systems. The innovation of this business unit includes digital night vision and long range target identification.

Intevac, Inc. went public in 1995 and made its initial public offering on the NASDAQ. It continues to market its common shares using the ticker symbol IVAC. The company is now a multi-million dollar venture that is strategically positioned to support the technological advancements in the global markets.

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