Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Liquid Holdings Group, Inc.: A Software Technology Company

Registered as a software company, Liquid Holding Group, Inc. continues to support the financial services community. The company provides the technology that is needed to seamlessly complete transactions in relation to trading. The business is listed as a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Capital Market with its common shares marketed using the ticker symbol LIQD.

It is in Hoboken, New Jersey that the business holds its corporate office. In January 2012 the company got incorporated and was inducted as a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index. For years, the business has revolutionized the trading industry through its innovative software technology. The single platform that was designed, created and marketed by the business allows users to seamlessly  integrate their reporting,  real-time risk  management,  accounting,  trading  and administrative tools  in  one software technology. This offering continues to support the operations of small to medium wealth management offices, financial institutions, hedge fund managers, family offices and asset managers.

The platform offered  by  Liquid  Holdings  Group,  LLC provides a  single  trade,  order  and position  management  solution  that  is  capable  of  supporting  several  asset  classes  such  as  foreign exchange markets (FX), futures, options, equities and fixed income securities. Through the offerings of the business, companies no longer need several other programs to execute some of its critical processes. In  just  one  platform,  they  can integrate several  programs  that  are  intended  to  provide  reporting functions, accounting, and consolidate risk management. Their solutions also allow their users to connect with prime brokers and more than 100 liquidity destinations.

There  are  several  companies  that compete  in  the  industry  of  software  technology  for financial services. Despite the stiff competition in the industry, Liquid Holdings remains on top of the competition. In addition to their  state of  the art  technology,  the business  is  known for  their excellence in customer service and the support they provide to their users.

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