Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NanoString Technologies: A Trusted Ally in Molecular Diagnostics

It is in the biotechnology industry that NanoString Technologies, Inc. thrives. The business is one of the leading providers of systems and scientific tools that are used in molecular diagnostics and in translational research. The offerings of the business have helped shape the future of medicine and aid in the creation of novelty therapeutics for a wide range of unmet areas in medicine.

It was in 2003 that Krassen Dimitrov, Dwayne Dunaway and Amber Racliffe created the company. Under the leadership of these three experts, the business went public and is now traded on the NASDAQ. Common shares of the company are marketed using the ticker symbol NSTG. Currently, the business oversees its operations from its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It was in 2008 that their flagship product, the nCounter Analysis System was made commercially available.

Several companies and research institutes make use of the nCounter Analysis System. This technology was created in the lab of Leroy Hood at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB). The platform provides a simple, multiplexed digital profiling of single molecules. It is the highly preferred platform for organizations which are engaged in cancer research, next-generation sequencing validation and in biomarker validation and screening. Through this advancement, scientists and researchers are now able to embark on research undertakings that were once deemed as impossible. It has shed light on some of the most complex areas in microbiology that would soon lead to the creation of novelty therapeutics.

Currently, the company’s encounter Analysis System strongly focuses on the testing segment of the genomics research market. By continuously advancing and modifying this platform, NanoString Technologies sees a strong contender for diagnostic testing that can be deployed in hospitals and in laboratories. The company continues to be a strong ally in medicine that pushes boundaries and help save lives.

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