Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Onstream Media Corp: Provider of Web Conferencing and Other Related Services

Companies listed on the Fortune 100 continue to make use of the digital-media services offered by Onstream Media Corporation. The company is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida and continues to market its offerings globally. The business is listed as an online provider of webcasting products and related services that allow companies to gain access to relevant web content and web communications services.

The offerings of the company are divided into two segments: Digital Media Services Group and Audio and Web Conferencing Services Group. The Digital Media Services Group of the company is comprised of two sub-divisions, namely Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP) and Webcasting. This is the small business arm between the two major divisions, which generates at least 32% of the annual revenue of the company. It provides live streaming and publishing platform for several users. The Audio and Web Conferencing Services Group offers web conferencing that is reservationless. Through its managed networks, the company is able to offer its products and services to a wide array of industries.

Numerous companies around the world make use of the products offered by the company to continue on bridging the divide brought about by geographical locations. Its pioneering, digital-asset-management active server pages (ASP) technologies continue to offer the right tools that would improve productivity and bolster revenue. These technology platforms provide web conferencing tools, webcasting and content-publishing services. Through the conferencing services offered by  Onstream Media, businesses are able to brainstorm in one venue regardless of physical location.

It was in May 1993 that the business was incorporated. Today, it continues to trade its common shares publicly. It is listed on the Over-the-Counter Markets Group and uses the ticker symbol ONSM. It maintains three other offices located in New York, California and in New Jersey. Additionally, it also maintains an office in London for its international operations.

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