Monday, April 2, 2012

Giving Indie Artists a Leg Up

In June 2010, Lucas Sommer launched Audimated to help his fellow independent musicians gain exposure and make money with their music. Previously, he had been running a studio in Miami, where he writes and produces songs for indie artists.

Audimated serves as an online marketplace for artists to promote their work and reach more fans. Bands and singers can set up their own store, where they can sell music, tickets, merchandise, and other stuff.

Though initially developed to address the problems of struggling artists, Audimated also caters to indie music fans. In addition to discovering new bands and having access to streams, downloads, and videos, fans can earn money as well by helping promote their favorite musicians. Like artists, fans can create an Audimated store and then earn a commission for every sale.

Audimated is free to join but charges a nominal transaction fee on sales. For extra features such as better visibility and search results priority, Audimated offers a paid premium account option. 

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