Monday, May 28, 2012

GrubHub Improves Its Online Ordering Service

Founded in 2004 by Chicago-based software engineers Mike Evans and Matt Maloney, is a service that lets hungry people order online, over the phone, or through its Android and iPhone apps for free. Available in over 300 cities in America, GrubHub has a database of more than 13,000 menus. On the GrubHub website or apps, users can type their address and find out which delivery and pickup restaurants are near them. They can also view delivery hours, read customer reviews, and avail of exclusive coupons.

This month, GrubHub rolled out its OrderHub service and is testing it in over 400 Chicago restaurants. Using re-branded Kindle Fire tablets, which are provided by GrubHub at no cost, restaurants can now expedite the order fulfillment process, as orders are instantly confirmed on the screen. Pre-OrderHub, restaurants received orders via fax and had to manually confirm them by entering the order number on their phone during an automated call from GrubHub. According to Evans, OrderHub has decreased confirmation times by 80 percent.

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