Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Leader in Bio-Oncology Pharmaceutical Management

Established in 2003, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., brings together the four major players in the process of treating cancer and blood diseases: patients, physicians, manufacturers, and manage-care organizations. Ellen Scharaga, Senior Vice President of Operations, oversees all facets of pharmacy, specialty injectable, and home infusion, including government, Medicare Part D, HMO, and PPO programs, and directs pharmacy dispensing and the call center. Typical of OncoMed’s top staff, Ms. Scharaga possesses decades of experience in leadership positions in pharmaceuticals and home infusion as well as business expertise.

Headquartered in New York, OncoMed maintains licensing to deliver its specialized prescriptions in every state. The company’s inventory includes numerous chemotherapy and bio-oncology medications and limited-distribution pharmaceuticals. For physicians, OncoMed reduces administrative time and lowers reimburse risk. Patients gain better access to medications and care management, reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Manufacturers increase their performance and credibility with OncoMed’s streamlined distribution, including “just-in-time” capabilities providing life-saving treatments. Managed care programs benefit through the care management and bio-oncology pharmaceutical-distribution platform.

Compounding and mixing occur in a clean-room environment supervised by oncology-certified pharmacists, who remain available 24/7 to assist in formulating optimal prescription plans. Packaged in stability-ensured and temperature-sensitive containers, all orders arrive at offices or homes with clearly marked order identification/patient numbers. Ultimately, OncoMed and Ellen Scharaga endeavor to make life easier for physicians, patients, manufacturers, and managed-care organizations, freeing doctors to treat, patients to heal, manufacturers to produce, and manage-care groups to manage care.

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