Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Presto: The Future of Ordering at Restaurants?

Rajat Suri was in the middle of pursuing his PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he decided to start his company, E la Carte. Hence, he dropped out in 2008 and worked at restaurants to support himself while he developed a small computer that could be used for ordering at eateries. A year later, Suri unveiled his first prototype. Today, the Presto touchscreen tablet can be found in  restaurants like Calafia CafĂ© and Santorini.

Presto, which features an 18-hour battery life and built-in credit card reader, allows customers to order and pay for their meals right at their table. Diners can also use the device to split their check, have their receipt emailed to them, and play games while they are waiting for their orders to arrive. And unlike the iPad or other consumer tablets, Presto is more durable, having been designed especially for restaurant use.

Suri says people expect quicker service nowadays, and his device “makes it strictly better to attend a restaurant.”

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