Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lost and Found With BiKN

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Are you always losing your stuff? Treehouse Labs in Austin, Texas, has created an iPhone accessory and app to help you find your keys, bag, dog, or whatever else with your mobile device. After all, it's the one thing that's with you at all times, right?

BiKN (bee'-kin) works by combining hardware and software. The hardware part consists of the BiKN smart case, which you put on your iPhone, and thumb-sized BiKN tags, which you clip on to your things, pets, or children. After downloading the myBiKN app, you connect your iPhone to your tags, creating a wireless network for your valuables so you'll never lose anything or anyone again.

BiKN also allows you to “leash” your kids and pets. For instance, if you're in the park with your child, you can set an alarm and your phone will warn you when he/she wanders too far away. Additionally, BiKN can be used to page your tags, which is especially useful if you're in an area without a cell phone signal.

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