Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tackle Your Goals Effectively With Lift

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How often do you set goals and fail to achieve them? That email inbox you were supposed to clean up the other day is still full of spam. What happened to those new healthy eating habits you had intended to adopt last week? And didn't you say you were going to start hitting the gym three times a week... last month?

Fret not, for a San Francisco-based startup wants to help you tick those goals off your list. Founded by Tony Stubblebine and Jon Crosby in August 2011, Lift Worldwide is an Obvious Corporation-backed company that launched its first app today. Described by its developers as “a simple, positive way to achieve any goal,” Lift for iPhone is a handy tool that allows users to break goals into small habits that are so doable you can't help but carry them out and eventually gain momentum. The objective of Lift is to nudge people towards their goals through incremental improvements, through several little steps that ultimately lead to big wins.

“We want to eliminate willpower as a factor in achieving goals,” writes Stubblebine on Lift's blog.

After downloading Lift, identify the good habits you want to establish. You can make your own or browse what others are already doing. Whenever you complete a habit, tap the big check button to record it. Lift will display your progress and consistency. The creators of the app toyed around with gamification options during development but dropped them in the end. According to Stubblebine, people wanted simplicity, which is exactly what you'll see when you open the app. So instead of badges and leaderboards, Lift offers feedback through visualized progress and support from other users with similar goals.

Beta testers have reported successfully using Lift to achieve goals in productivity, fitness, health, relationships, and happiness. Stubblebine says the Lift team will perfect the app first before releasing an Android version.

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