Monday, April 8, 2013

Hypejar Lets You Stay Abreast of the Latest Products

A cross between Wikipedia, Reddit, and Pinterest, Hypejar is an online community and consumer opinion platform where users can discover, follow, and share mass consumer products releasing in the future. Unlike other review sites, Hypejar focuses on products that have yet to be released. The service was founded by Toronto entrepreneurs Won Jun Bae, Mike Kwon, Dylan Jude, and Grant Yim, who were all tired of googling for information about upcoming products. The four wondered why, in the social media age, there were still no searchable sites devoted to new products. It was 2006 at the time, the year when Tickle Me Elmo became the must-have item for the holiday season. As Tickle Me Elmo's popularity grew during that holiday season, the idea for Hypejar began took shape.

After countless iterations, drastic pivots, and some off time, Bae, Kwon, Jude, and Yim finally arrived at something they felt was not only useful for them but to many other people as well. Hypejar, which launched in beta in 2012, aims to make the future more searchable and accessible while aggregating demand levels for future products. “Not only do we want a full compilation, we want to know what you think of it and how much you anticipate it,” write the co-founders on the Hypejar website.

Hypejar keeps you in the know by providing a place where you can see which products are slated to be released in the future, when they're coming out, and detailed information about them. Get notified of new releases by putting products into your “Jar.” You can also see how anticipated or “hyped” a product is, be it a movie, gadget, video game, book, TV series, or music. Users determine how hyped a product is by “hyping up” or “hyping down.” The co-founders of Hypejar believe that it is useful for everyone to find information about upcoming products as well as know what the levels of anticipation are for them.

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