Sunday, March 31, 2013

New App Lets You Delve Into Industry News

Launched in November of 2012, Delve is a social news reader for organizations. With the information landscape so crowded, the team at Delve discovers and curates news in select industries, including technology, education, energy, healthcare, politics, environment, and media and advertising. Delve delivers the news relevant to your industry, profession, or company, making it easy for you to monitor your field and follow industry leaders and experts.

As a social app, Delve also allows for easy sharing of important news among co-workers. You can recommend articles, start discussions, see what your team is reading, and save important articles for future reference. In addition, Delve sends daily or weekly newsletters and an email roundup of your team's activity.

Based in New York City and San Francisco, Delve believes that quality journalism and information can lead to better decision makers, problem solvers, organizations, and individuals. The startup aims to help teams turn news into knowledge and knowledge into action.

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