Monday, June 24, 2013

Cody: A Fun and Non-Intimidating Fitness App

Founded by former Microsoft product managers Paul Javid and Pejman Pour-Moezzi, Cody is a “fun, light way to share workouts” with others and celebrate your fitness accomplishments. But before you groan, roll your eyes, and say, “Oh great, another fitness app!,” let it be known that Cody isn't merely jumping on the mobile fitness bandwagon. In fact, Javid and Pour-Moezzi built Cody to offer an experience other fitness apps don't. While most apps are aimed at hardcore fitness enthusiasts, Cody, on the other hand, focuses on casual fitness enthusiasts by emphasizing sharing instead of data tracking. Think of it as more Vine and Instagram than RunKeeper and Nike+.

Available on iPhone and iPod Touch, Cody lets you log your workouts with not just the conventional measurements of time and distance, but also with visual photos, notes, and locations. Additionally, you can share your workouts to your followers and receive motivation via likes and comments. Workouts can be logged and shared in various activities such as Crossfit, Barre, yoga, weightlifting, walking, running, and cycling. According to the co-founders, 70 percent of the workouts logged on Cody are outside of running and cycling, and 85 percent of user sessions don't even include a workout. Which is actually good news, since Pour-Moezzi and Javid are looking to tap into the fast-growing group fitness movement and build a social fitness experience.

Cody is also a virtual fitness coach that suggests workouts, friends, advice, and other information based on your interests and activity. You can discover workouts and people on your own with the new “Explore” feature or hashtags as well. Because users are grouped into categories, it's easy to find and follow fellow yogis or Crossfitters, for example. And if you're in the mood for something new, Cody has hundreds of workout routines that you can try.

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