Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Giggem: Matchmaking for Musicians

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Giggem is a new matchmaking service for the music industry. Founded by Emir Turan in mid-2012, Giggem automatically matches musicians, bands, songwriters, and industry professionals, as well as provides them with the tools they need to promote their music and roster.

Once you sign up and input your background, interests, and other relevant info, Giggem's advanced algorithms will recommend people you should connect with. Bands can find members and managers, musicians can find a band to join and meet labels, songwriters can connect with musicians, and industry professionals can discover new talent and promote their roster. In addition, fans can use the site to find new music.

Giggem's algorithms doesn't take into account if you will get along with your matches, but Turan says it helps people find the most likely candidates that they wouldn't have found otherwise. Anyway, users can always search the site manually.

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