Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Complete Your Projects, One Step at a Time, With Stepsie

Is your project management a mess? Or worse, non-existent? Enter Stepsie, a cloud-based platform for idea collaboration and action planning. The service promises to be “more organised than your mum,” so you know it means business. Ideal for group projects, Stepsie makes sharing your ideas and collaborating with your team easy by grouping related tasks, files, and discussions into digestible steps. So instead of looking at a project and seeing one huge, daunting task before you, you have a logical structure you can follow. And before you know it, you're done!

Used and loved by companies such as Uber London, IDEO, Fraktal, AndViceVersa, and GoDynamo, Stepsie breaks down your projects into small steps that contain related discussions and tasks. Team members can create, assign, and comment on tasks to move the project towards completion, as well as share ideas, gain feedback, and send files to come up with awesome solutions. A live activity feed and notifications keeps everyone in the loop with the status of each project. Looking for a particular file or discussion? Search by keyword and use filters to find it fast. And because Stepsie is entirely web-based, users can access their dashboard and collaborate with their team, wherever they are.

Stepsie was founded by Jono Chatterton, who was actually working on a different project when he thought of making the platform. Not content with existing project management tools, he decided o build a better one, and Stepsie was born. Chatterton and his team provide customer support themselves, as they believe they're the best people to answer users' questions, not an outsourced staff.

Anybody who wants to see how Stepsie works can sign up for a free 30-day trial. After that, monthly plans start at $19 per month. Students can use the service for free; all they need is a student email address.

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