Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Solar Bright Lights Up New Zealand With Solar Energy and LED Technology

Based in Christchurch, Solar Bright is New Zealand's leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solar lighting products. Since 2006, the company has created progressive lighting solutions for business applications by combining the use of solar energy and LED technology.

Designed to solve a variety of specific industry-related challenges, Solar Bright's projects include installing solar street lighting in remote islands, developing a solution to minimize the impact of mosquitoes on residential areas near sewerage ponds, and safety lighting for the heavy transport sector. Solar Bright is also the creator of the world's first commercially available solar-powered ice detection road stud, the PATeye. Ideal for roads, airport runways, and railway lines in cold climates, the PATeye is triggered when the temperature drops to a preset mark, lighting up its surroundings and revealing hidden patches of “black ice.”

Solar Bright is dedicated to developing products that are well-designed, high-quality, well-engineered, and built to last.

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