Sunday, March 16, 2014

HereO : A GPS Watch for Children

HereO is the world's smallest and most advanced GPS watched designed especially for kids. It looks cool and tells the time, but its most important feature is that it lets parents know where their children are in real time. The HereO watch connects to the HereO Family app, where mom and dad can view their little ones' whereabouts, as well as the location of all family members who have the app. Other useful features of the HereO Family app are group messaging and location alerts. With the latter, parents can create virtual fences around any area such as home, school, or work and receive notifications when a specific family member arrives or leaves that place.

The HereO team worked on the HereO watch for more than three years, creating several prototypes before arriving at the final trendy design. Built from the ground up with active children in mind, the watch is comfortable, water-resistant, and lasts up to 50 hours between charges. It also houses an accelerometer that sends an alert when shaken horizontally five times.

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