Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Know Yourself Better With Reporter

Reporter is a new iPhone app that helps you keep track of your daily activities and better understand yourself. Each day, Reporter will present a few randomly timed surveys that will collectively shed light on aspects of your life that are otherwise immeasurable. The app includes a pre-defined set of questions, but you are encouraged to customize your Reporter experience by adding your own questions and editing or deleting the existing ones. You an also control how frequently and when they will appear. Question types include multiple choice, numbers, yes/no, notes, locations, tokens, and people.

Reporter is designed to capture the most information with the least friction. Surveys are lightweight and smart suggestions make completing them a piece of cake. The more you use Reporter, the faster the answering process becomes. As you complete reports, Reporter aggregates your answers into visualizations on the home screen, allowing you to see your life patterns. You can export your reports as CSV or JSON files or save them to Dropbox.

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