Sunday, March 16, 2014

Turn Anything Into a Musical Instrument With Mogees

Currently Kickstarting (with just about two days to go): Mogees, a seemingly simple device and mobile app that lets you “play the world” by turning everyday objects into musical instruments. The brainchild of Bruno Zamborlin, Mogees is about everyone, regardless of musical or technical ability, making beautiful music out of ordinary things, expressing themselves, and letting their musical imagination run wild. When you attach the small sensor to a table, a tree branch, a bowl of fruit, a bicycle wheel, or anything you want, it detects and analyzes the vibrations produced when you interact with those objects, then uses a special sound technique to change their acoustic properties and make them musical.

There's no need to install or set up anything. Simply stick the Mogees sensor to your “musical instrument” and you're ready to unleash your inner Beethoven or Mozart. You can play any object anytime, anywhere. The extremely versatile device can be used to create planned or improvised, pro or beginner musical performances.

The Mogees app, which is compatible with certain Android and iOS devices, comes loaded with a host of features to enhance your musical experience. Sound presets are included, but you can make your own. You can improvise using free mode, or reinterpret your favorite tunes using song mode. Step things up a notch by playing with a backing track – use the app's pre-loaded loops or import or record your own. For more goodies, the pro version includes acoustic properties, remote mode, and DMX control.

Mogees has appeared in Yahoo! News, Rolling Stone, Mashable, CNET, Wired, Engadget, Digital Trends, This Morning, ABC News, USA Today, and more. It won first prize in the Interfaces and Materials category at Laval Virtual 2012, was an ICT Spring Europe Innovation of the Year 2012 nominee, and received the Young Researcher award in Science and Music at IRISA's Day of Science and Music 2012.

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