Monday, May 19, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventr... on Video

Add some interactivity to your videos and really bring them to life with Adventr (pronounced “adventure”), an interactive video platform based in New York City. Simple and easy to use, anyone can create and share their own interactive, web-native video experiences by merely dragging and dropping clips, without having to download anything or write a single line of code. Interactive videos, or “Adventrs,” can be published on your page, website, social media page, or using enterprise video players for free.

Available only to professionals initially, Adventr is now open to everyone. The platform doesn't just allow you to make fun, interactive videos, but also enables you to see how your videos are performing on your sites and how people are responding in real time. In addition, Adventr provides creative services including production, graphics, editing, creative strategy development, consulting, analytics, and insight reporting.

Adventr was founded by Devo Harris, better known as Devo Springsteen, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer. He has worked with John Legend, Kanye West, Estelle, Consequence, and The Last Poets, among many others. A few years ago, Harris decided to leave music and go to Columbia Business School. But prior to that, he helped form Riot !n Paris, which posted a music video in standard and interactive formats. The interactive version did a lot better, and people began asking to use the technology. But Harris didn't have any technology... yet.

Fast forward to today, and Harris has an MBA and the company to build the technology. Before opening the site to the public, he worked with brands to create videos that boast a 9.5 percent clickthrough rate, which is higher than most ads.

Harris believes that interactive videos are the future. “This isn't about clicking, this is about controlling your content. Your experience is personalized and interactive,” he says.

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