Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fleex: Learn English Through Subtitled Videos

Based in Paris, France, Fleex aims to help non-English speakers learn English the fun and easy way through subtitled videos. You can stream torrents or watch video files on your hard drive. Or you can choose from Fleex's handpicked selection of YouTube videos, which include popular TV shows and inspiring conferences from around the world.

Fleex uses mixed subtitles based on your ability. Easy words are presented in English, while the more difficult ones are displayed in your native language. As your skills improve, Fleex automatically adjusts the subtitles so you get more and more English. Click any word in the subtitles to find out what it means, how to say it, and what it translates to in your language. Fleex can detect idioms and expressions as well.

New words or phrases can be saved in your personal phrasebook and reviewed later. They are also highlighted in your subtitles to refresh your memory whenever you watch a new video. Fleex is currently available in nearly 30 languages and costs €4.90 per month.

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