Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wheretoget Helps Girls Find That Cute Top They Saw on the Street

Spotted a cute outfit online or on the street but have no idea where to buy it? Wheretoget is here to help solve your fashion woes. Just upload a picture of what you're looking for and the thousands of fashion enthusiasts on the site will help you find it. While it's been dubbed the “Shazam of fashion,” Wheretoget doesn't rely on any fancy algorithms; just real, dedicated people.

Based in Paris, France, Wheretoget was founded by CEO Romain Moyne, who got the idea for the site while working at a fashion magazine called Hypeed. “The most frequent question was, 'Where can I buy this dress?'”

Backed by Alven Capital, Emmanuel Brunet, Fabrice Grinda, and more, Wheretoget currently sees 2.2 million unique visitors per month. According to Moyne, users get an answer within 24 hours on average, with one-third of questions being answered in less than 36 minutes.

Every time a member answers a question, they get points. And if the person who asked the question likes their answer, they get even more points. Those who collect the most points make it onto Wheretoget's weekly, monthly, or yearly leaderboards. “The hundred most active users answered 120 questions on average last month,” adds Moyne.

Fashion enthusiasts can also buy clothes from third-party stores via Wheretoget, which earns a small affiliate fee for every purchase. This setup has received plenty of positive feedback from merchants.

Wheretoget is more than just about users helping each other find outfits, though. It's also a site to get inspired, share fashion tips, and meet like-minded people. Members get their own profile page and can follow celebrities, bloggers, TV shows, or trends. Once they start following something or someone, they'll get notified whenever a new look is posted.

Wheretoget has been featured in StyleCaster, Elle, Mashable, PR Couture, The Next Web, Business Insider, and more.

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