Friday, June 13, 2014

GoPlug: Charge Your Electronics on the Road

GoPlug is an upcoming line of bags that don't just carry your gadgets – it also charges them on the go. Currently Kickstarting, GoPlug has already raised over 500 percent of its original goal, and with more than 20 days left in the campaign.

The brainchild of filmmaker and entrepreneur Josh Cross, GoPlug lets you charge your electronic devices even when you're not near a power outlet, providing true mobility. Available in a variety of styles, from a computer messenger bag to a camera carry-on case, GoPlug comes with a lithium-polymer battery pack that can charge a smartphone up to six times, a tablet up to two times, and a laptop nearly two times on a single charge. So whether you're traveling on business or sitting in a waiting room, you never have to worry about running out of power.

Cross spends about half the year on the road for work, with much of his time spent traveling to and from airports and hotels. Staying connected is a necessity but a challenge as he is often left with dead batteries. As a result, he often has to look for an outlet at the airport during odd hours of the night, a process which he describes as a nightmare.

With GoPlug, Cross aims to save people the headache of searching for a power source when they're traveling. All bags are equipped with one or two 360-degree rotating AC outlets for large plugs; two front-facing USB outlets for smartphones, tablets, and e-readers; and an eight or twelve-foot grounded extension cord. Additionally, GoPlug provides ample storage, padded compartments, and organization panels to hold, protect, and store your belongings.

Funds from Kickstarter will go toward development, tooling, production, and shipping. According to Cross, functional prototypes have already been built and manufacturing will begin even before the campaign ends.

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