Monday, June 2, 2014

Crisp: Automatic Online Community Moderation and Management

The success of social media, forums, and online games relies on high-quality interaction and a positive social experience. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who see these channels as opportunities for disruption, harassment, and commercial gain. Enter Crisp, a technology platform that makes moderating and managing user-generated content (UGC) easy, giving online community and social media managers the freedom to focus on the things that matter.

Headquartered in Leeds, United Kingdom, Crisp was founded in 2005 by serial entrepreneur Adam Hildreth. Protecting brands, customers, and online communities, Crisp understands the context of UGC and profiles the behaviors of users to automatically take care of moderation, as well as proactively identifies the content that requires engagement.

Offering the highest level of brand protection, the platform provides 24/7 moderation across all social media channels, removing unsuitable and offensive content, notifying managers of a possible PR problem, and delivering accurate sentiment analysis. Crisp also facilitates forum and online community moderation, preventing inappropriate and malicious content from ever being posted while prioritizing the content and users that require moderator attention.

Moreover, Crisp's patented behavior profiling engine helps identify cheats, hackers, fraudsters, and gold farmers in online games. The self-learning technology can determine player behavior in real time and put control back in the hands of security and customer service teams. The platform is also used by sites that comply with COPPA standards, removing inappropriate content while identifying cyber bullies and online predators.

Crisp currently protects more than 180 million users and moderates over 3 billion messages, comments, and tweets each month. Comprising some of the world's most experienced community managers, moderators, and linguistic experts, the Crisp team has worked with hundreds of brands to help them manage users and UCG in their online communities. Clients include Sony, EA, Red Bull, Moshi Monsters, Ubisoft, British Airways, Turner, Nickelodeon, Yahoo!, and Pottermore.

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