Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PlanG: Organized Charitable Giving

PlanG is an online platform that brings together all of your charitable giving activities in one place. It's an easy way to give back, see your impact, and inspire others. PlanG is home to more than 1 million non-profits, over 250 socially minded businesses, and individuals like you who want to make a difference in the world.

After searching for your favorite causes, PlanG provides you with a secure giving account and a suite of tools to manage and amplify your efforts. PlanG lets you donate to various charities from a single account – giving dollars are added from your credit or debit card, PlanG's brand partners, or a PlanG gift card. PlanG tracks every donation you make and allows you to share your giving story with your friends to inspire them to do something good as well.

Another way to give via PlanG is to shop online with its brand partners. Earn free giving dollars by doing what you already love to do. Retail partners include J.Crew, West Elm, GAP, Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel, Levi's, Macy's, Nike, Pottery Barn, and 1-800-Flowers.com. You can also set up a fundraising campaign on PlanG. If you're familiar with crowdfunding websites, the process is similar – select your cause, set a goal, and share your fundraiser page with your social media connections. You'll get up-to-the-minute updates on your progress.

If this all sounds overwhelming, don't worry. You'll see everything on your PlanG dashboard in neat and organized reports and visuals – this includes how much you've given and where, who's helped fund your giving account, your favorite non-profits, your fundraisers, and complete tax reports.

PlanG was co-founded by Marti Beller, Melina Davis-Martin, and Heather Loftus. Their goal was to create a philanthropic ecosystem where individuals, businesses, and non-profits could change the world, one good deed at a time.

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