Thursday, August 21, 2014

Idée Enables Users to Search Images Using Images

Idée is a Toronto-based company specializing in scalable, innovative image search and recognition solutions. Perhaps its most well-known offering is TinEye, a reverse image search engine that lets users find out where an image came from, how it is being used, and if there are any modified or higher resolution versions of the image.

TinEye is the web's first image search engine to utilize image identification technology instead of metadata, keywords, or watermarks. Through web crawling and image contributions, TinEye has indexed more than 6 billion online images to date. The search engine has been featured in Boing Boing, the Los Angeles Times, ARS Technica, TechCrunch, Techvibes, and more. Jack Howard of Popular Photography described it as “a major player in the image-search arena.”

Aside from TinEye, Idée has created other image recognition products and services used by some of the world's leading imaging firms. These inclulde PixID, an editorial image monitoring service for the news photo industry; MulticolorEngine, a color search engine; MatchEngine, an automated image matching and de-duplication service; MobileEngine, an automated image matching solution for mobile platforms; and TinEye API, a paid version of TinEye for commercial, professional, and high-volume users.

Backed by a decade of research and development, Idée's products and services help users search through billions of images in seconds, accomplish large-scale image de-duplication and comparison, track the usage of millions of print images in thousands of publications, and more.

Idée was co-founde by Leila Boujnane (chief executive officer) and Paul Bloore (chief technology officer) with the goal of making images searchable visually. Together, they lead a team that is “obsessed with image search and recognition.” The company's technologies are used by millions of people each month; notable clients include Adobe Systems, iStockphoto, eBay, Associated Press, Splash News, Kayak, Agence France Press, Masterfile, and SecondStory.

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