Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sendwithus: Transactional Email's Best Friend

Based in San Francisco, California and Victoria, Canada, Sendwithus is a tech startup dedicated to helping marketers grow their companies quickly by making transactional email easy and painless. Founded in 2013 by Matt Harris and Brad Van Vugt, Sendwithus helps marketers recognize the importance of the often overlooked transactional email. The Y Combinator-backed company has already assisted customers such as HootSuite, 8tracks, Homejoy, MeUndies, and Olark in managing and tracking their email-driven engagement and revenue.

Transactional emails are crucial to a company's growth, as users are four times more likely to open and click them than marketing campaigns. Updating them can be a long and tedious process, however, usually requiring designers and developers to get involved. Sendwithus fixes that by putting the marketer in control.

Sendwithus integrates with a number of email service providers, including SendGrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Message Bus, Postmark, and Mailjet. With Sendwithus, marketers can quickly update content and test new ideas whenever they want without having to call developers and designers. Because A/B testing is built into Sendwithus, they can test subject lines, headings, and call-to-actions and see what works and what doesn't in minutes. Marketers can also create and control drip campaigns, which are great for sending automated follow-ups to customers, without writing any code.

Sendwithus' powerful analytics lets marketers measure everything – who's opening welcome emails? Which links are clicked? Were certain emails delivered successfully? Sendwithus also has a customer search feature that can be used to look up an individual customer's overall engagement score and the full life cycle of all the emails they've received. Other useful features include automatic CSS inlining at send time, template snippets, customer email inbox view, and email resending.

Sendwithus is free for up to 1,000 recipients per month while paid monthly plans begin at $79. The startup has been featured in Betakit, TechCrunch, and Techvibes.

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